About Us and Our Team

Welcome to the community devoted to Guppy fish. We understand you may have questions regarding your new pet fish and it’s important to find valuable information. Guppies seem to be a super popular fish right now and it’s awesome.

This community is aimed at bringing resourceful information while also being a cool hangout to share your stories and aquarium setups. Only Guppy fish related topics are found on this platform.

This aquarium community is a subdivision of a larger aquatic network known as ‘AquariumGeek’ headquarters. We have decided to separate communities by types of fish and different levels of fish. For instance, you will see our “bottom feeders” section devoted to all the catfish and fish that live on the water bottoms. And for the more popular fish like the the guppy fish we built an entire community around it. We used to be only on one platform but we have found it so much easier to split them up and just send people that are in need of that info there.

Ask Your Questions

The goal here is to get some great resourceful information for people to read through and gather in the future. It’s super cool to be able to help just one person with the pet but if we can display it in an archive for future use it really helps answer more questions for the future. Even though we understand you’re looking for an answer right now we are also going to give some detailed information that is related to what could possibly be the scenario also related to it for future preference to our future visitors.

How To Post and Rules

If you look to the right here on the website there’s going to be a little button on the sidebar that references to “adding a new topic” or “ask a question”. If you click through this is where you’re going to find the submission form in which you can input your question as a new thread. All you have to do is give your question the title and in the details information box just enter some details regarding your scenario.

For each platform we ask that all topics be related somehow to the fish and aquarium scenario of the platform you happen to be on. For instance, this is the Guppy fish community and we ask that all topics be related to guppies in some manner.

After you’re done filling out the submission form all you have to do is click submit and it directly could send to our end. We will go through and make sure that your question and information is good punctuation and such and then send it over to our writers team and they will put forth some of their answers personally.

We like to send it over to our team just to make sure that all submissions to get an answer from somebody helping you. We have done our best to help answer it we will then send it live as a new page for the community. A link will then be emailed to you letting you know where to find it.

God bless fish and aquatic lifestyle!