Aggression and Chasing? What Could be the Issue?

Topic: I have 4 guppy fish and they are seeming to chase and pick on one in particular. I’m somewhat worried about the fish’s safety. They aren’t nipping on the fins yet but something is going on. It seems to be the same fish in patterns showing aggression too. What could the problem or issue happening here?

*Awarded Answer
Posted by Kelly Z:
yellow guppyI would imagine that your guppies are just breeding. Live bearers are always breeding and what they do is try to show off to each other. The males will especially act tough and it’s quite funny to watch. My guppies do the same thing and so do my swordtails and mollies. It must be a Livebearer thing. I wouldn’t worry too much if they aren’t hurting each other. When you stick fish inside of a box and tell them to live together.. there is bound to be some chasing and aggression. Let us know some updates if it progresses any further.

Posted by Christy T:
What you need to watch carefully for is to look at their tails in depth and see if the flesh is actually getting bitten into. Because you may not notice a small part of the flash being prevalent and when that happens that’s when the fish is very susceptible to sickness. Just the tiniest small napkin rip out some fans and have some open flesh be open. You have to take that extra second and analyze each of your fish and make sure that they’re not doing too much damage to the rear fins when there nipping and chasing each other. I have had a lot of fish died and once analyzing them I have found out that a lot of it happens from this new thing like you’re speaking so you may want to watch it. Maybe if you got some other fish that are a little bigger but wouldn’t hurt the other guppies it would help spread out some aggression. Like silver dollar fish or some small cichlids.

Posted by Randy N:
I want to look too far into this because a lot of the fish in aquariums will chase each other and I just showing a little personality. It’s kind a like any other girlfriend boyfriend is going to be a lot of bickering when you’re stuck in a small confined space. My experience with buying guppy fish is it seems like 20% of them don’t make the cut when I put them in my aquarium. I’m not sure with the cases but it seems to be around 15 to 20% of them just die when I bring them and make the transfer between the pet store in my aquarium.

Posted by David R:
Sounds to me like you’re having some acclamation problems and maybe getting your fish used to your water parameters because I’ve never had that many of Die on me. Would say it’s pretty normal to have these fish chase each other and there is going to be some tension between them but if fish are getting near that then it’s probably just safe to let it go.