Air Pump for Oscar Fish?

Topic: Do I need an air pump in my oscar tank? I have a filter running 24 hours a day but would an air pump help the fish? Do the bubbles create oxygen for the fish? I need some help here. I am new to having fish in aquariums. Thanks for your help.


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Chris W: Adding an air pump to any fish aquarium really helps in a lot of ways. It gets a lot more complicated than just “the bubbles add oxygen”.. What actually happens is the bubbles floating to the surface create heavy surface agitation which creates most of the oxygen in the water. Second, if you put a sponge filter on the end of the air tube it works as ANOTHER filter. This is HUGE because your adding oxygen to the water with the bubbles and the sponge is also a great added filtration medium. I add air pumps to all my tanks. Here is a top rated one for sale.

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I would also put a sponge filter on the end of it to add some extra filtration to your tank. Sponges are one of the best filter medias in the industry. Theyre super cheap and easy to clean. Just squeeze them out once a month or so. Here is a top reviews one that does amazing.

Posted by Alisha M: I agree with the above poster. I run sponge filters on my air pumps and it really helps a ton. Plus if my regular filter fails.. I can still have the backup sponge filters. It’s kind of stupid to just put an air stone hooked up to the air pump because they are pontless when compared to a sponge filter. All that has to happen with the air is come out of the tube so you might as well have the sponge hooked on. Hopefully that makes sense. Were here to help you take the best care of your oscar.

  • I had an air stone for years until I figured out a sponge filter does the same thing but also filters water.. it’s crazy the knowledge that can just get passed you in this industry.. Research can help so much.
  • I like the look of the air stones. The bubbles can super small and add a cool look to fish aquariums. I will stick to my air stones.


Posted by James G: Who thinks I can get away with two Oscars in a 75 gallon tank with 50% water changes weekly n I have a sunsun 304 b,sunsun302, aqua tech 30-60 gallon filter and a 60 and 10 gallon sponge filter on the 75 gallon??

  • Why ask this if you already have them? You’re on this page all day everyday. You’ve read what everyone has to say. You’ve asked plenty of questions before. You already know the answer…
  • I jus wanted to see who was gone start posting negative comments like they always do to everybody.
  • The warmer you keep your heater and water temperature, the worse the water parameters will be remember. Yeah and the less food you feed them the better.
  • This was my set up when I kept Oscars I kept up to 8 in a 120 galling tank with no problems for years. Pairs formed and spawned regularly despite the presence of other Oscars. I’ve had two pairs spawn on the same day in the same tank and a male that spawned up one end with one female and then up the other end with another female. The secret was to have large sump filters and water changes weekly. Never had any problems with my Oscars, no disease or deaths.
  • Hey there guys. I’ve been seeing some of you say that carbon basedfilters are harmful after a while, I’ve dove research and have an idea….I bought some polyester quilt batting ( without the flame resistant chemical), an unused long back loofah (to act as a pot scrubby) and I’ve crushed a good sized bowls worth of garden lava rock (rinsing a bunch that’s about marble or smaller in size, so fairly fine, but bigger than the carbon in the cartridges)..My plan is to cut the batting to fit my HOB filters and sew them together like a pillow case. Fill the bottom half of the poly “bag” with lava rock and adding the potho, lucky bamboo and philadendron (sp). Then placing the loofah on the top like a skimmer…

    Once assembled, it’ll all be rinsed again thoroughly. Safe, dangerous idea? I have 2 Aqueon QuietFlow 50s. Try one first, if it works go ahead with the other?