Do I Need an Air Pump? Oxygen?

Topic: I’m setting up a guppy tank and was wondering if I need an air pump for them? Do they need those oxygen bubbles? I see a lot of fish aquariums with these “aeration” devices setup. What does it do for the fish.. does it add oxygen? Is it a waste of time and money?

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Posted by Megan V: Having an air pump in your aquarium is a great idea. The bubbles that float to the surface create “surface agitation” and that is what creates oxygen for the fish. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are filters that run from air. You can get a sponge filter to add to the air hose and it actually sucks water into the sponge and filters it. It’s a great addition to the filter you already have. Here is a top rated pump that is super popular in the industry.

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With having a bubbler setup you are adding so much more filter variations to your tank. I highly advise getting a sponge filter you can put on the end of it. Just squeeze out the sponge in a bucket of water once a month or so. They are very powerful. Here is what they look like

You could also get a filter that runs off of air instead of electricity. So your entire tank could run off air. That’s entirely up to you but it’s a smart option that a lot of guppy fish keepers do. The reason they use these types of filters (ran off air) is because they are less powerful and guppies are small fish that don’t need lots of current in their tank setups. Here is an image

That’s what makes things somewhat confusing in the aquarium hobby… a person can literally use hundreds of different options. If it was MY TANK.. I would use a small regular filter and then use a sponge filter for that added benefit. And that way if one filter method fails.. the other takes over and ensures your fish are always safe.

Posted by Jessica D: I like to have an air stone hooked up to the pump because the air bubbles look awesome. I have a bubbler that lights up at night and it looks so cool with the bubbles floating through it! I still get the added benefit of having the air in the tank. I have also found that not having those air bubbles makes the surface of the water get all slimy in my tanks.


Posted by Lacey E: I have a few guppies
The guppies are very active and Very happy,They are running around playing in the bubbles,males chasing females
But i have a problem !everyday my water gets thicker and the waste increase when pumping air will make the water bad and….Do i want to buy a Filter? Or any other advice?

  • if partial water change can’t make it better…I guess you’ll need a filter
  • Thank You guys for your help.So im going to buy a filter.So Can you please tell what type of filter?
  • It depends on the size if your tank….since u already have pump, i would suggest sponge filter which can be connected ro the air tube. Heavy power filters are not good for guppies.
  • Are there only guppies in the tank?? That makes a big difference?
  • okay i would suggest sponge filter there easy to clean to, all you do is take the sponge off squeeze it under running water and all clean.
  • I have them in a 10 gallon tank, with my male beta fish. I have a filter hooked up to the tank with nylon on the sucking part and half taped off so the current isn’t that strong, but i’m thinking of a sponge filter as well.

Posted by Alisha B: What should I put in a 200 litre tank?
Probably do a community tank. Have a heater, filter and air pump. Just trying to work out what fish,plants and substrate to get.

  • I use Eco complete substrate. Great for plants. I have a lot of drift wood and various plants for baby guppies to hide in. Put some sand in there for the cories and kuhli loaches too.
  • Next week I plan to remove all the substrate and replace it. My nitrates are really high and I’m pretty sure there is dead stuff in the substrate as I transferred it all from my 10 and 20 gallons into the new 29.
  • I’m planning to make an outdoor set up for my guppies because their overcrowded to my main tank. Can I make an outdoor tub w/out an air pump or filter either ,just many live plants in it for oxygenation.Did anyone have done this?before?TIA I have the sunsun jup-01 and I love it.

Posted by Rick M: HELP!!! I have a questions…. can I put my female in a tank the doesn’t have any filter or air pump…. she just had babies and I think she is still trying to have some more but all the other are not leaving her alone…. it will only be long enough for her to have some peace and finish having babies….

  • She should be fine for a couple hours, make sure you use water from her tank though.
  • depends on the female. Some will look pregnant when they are virgins because they have a large gravid spot naturally.
  • Depends on the number of babies.
  • You don’t say what sized tank. 2.5 gal or less should be fine, even for a few days. If it’s larger, then she should still be okay for a good part of the day but keep the lid partially off so air can circulate.