Specs on Aquaclear 20 Filter?

Topic: I’m thinking about buying the Aquaclear 20 filter. It seems like a really good filter with good reviews. What are the Aquaclear 20 specs for water volume? Is it a pretty powerful pump on the device? What are the dimensions of the filter itself? Are setup instructions easy to follow? I’m somewhat new to having fish aquariums. I need help?


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Posted by Lacey W: Here are the specs and dimensions on the Aquaclear 20 filter:

100 GPH
6 Watts
5-20 gallons
Length – in / cm – 4 7/8″ /11.75cm
Width – in / cm – 4″ / 10.25 cm
Height – in / cm – 5 3/4″ /14.75cm

They are super good filters. I would highly advise them to anyone with small fish aquariums. They have a couple different sizes all the way up to the Aquaclear 110 (for bigger tanks). These filters by Fluval are top rated and have been around for super long. They are fairly priced too. You won’t find much of a price difference from place to place though.. they are all pretty solid on pricing.


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  • For those of you with an aquaclear 20.. Could you please let me know how much clearance is needed between the tank and the wall?
  • dimensions aquaclear 20@Reply:ย About 2 1/2 inches. here is a picture
  • I finally set up 2 2.5 gallons. Both are heated and filtered. And I’d really like to say, top fin’s 10 gallon sponge filters are really amazing. Although bulky, they work well even in small tanks.The crown tail with the red tail is Atticus Fish. I bought him on Wednesday.The blue/grey one was purchased today. His name is Bernie 2.

    When I get paid next, I will be investing in two little clip on lights, and some more plants.

    The tanks didn’t come with lads, so I feel pretty proud for coming up with two alternatives. One is the glass from a picture frame set on top, leaving room for air to circulate and the wires to hang out. The other is the top of an unused critter keeper.

    I love my fishies!

  • Told my sister that if she would ever come round to letting her kids have any fish, not to buy any tanks, gravel or heaters, cause Iโ€™ve got un used ones she could have. One is 3gallon and the other is a 4 gallon. Thatโ€™s about as big as sheโ€™d be willing to get anyway. I was thinking a betta of course. Are there filters small enough to fit in a 3 gallon though?
  • A quick question. Am thinking of setting up a small 10-20 g guppy tank for breeding as feeder fish to my main tank in future. I will put up a lot of artificial plants at bottom and top with no substrate. It will have a heater and an internal sponge filter only. There will be an air stone. Do I need for it to go for a few days before a add a few guppies to it. Is there any way a sponge filter small tank also cycles ?
  • Is there anything that can really be kept in a 1.8 gallon aquarium? My son uses it as a nightlight. We originally had adfs in there but have found a more suitable home for them. He’d like some kind of pet in there if possible. It does have a filter and heater, it’s just so small… photo from google.Also, any tips for cleaning something like this? It’s very awkward to get in around the filter, and taking it apart every time is a pain.
  • I am setting up a new tank, I would like to do gravel and I noticed Lowe’s has a nice selection, has anyone used them in their tanks and is it okay to do so. This is the first time I have not just ran out and bought gravel at an aquarium store. Is it okay to use the small river stones from lowes?Also, how do you guys feel about under gravel filters?
  • Trying to establish a new 29g tank. Currently have a 90g heavily stocked tank with a canister filter, large sponge filter, and smaller sponge filter. I put a HOB On it and have had it running for 2 weeks. The plan is to move the small sponge and HOB filter on to the 29 for an instant cycle. Thoughts?
  • okay i have a penn plax prism tank the 2 gallon one and i want to use my own filter media instead of what is given. so i want to make my own to save money. so does anyone know what size i need for the nylon bag? any suggestions on what to use? i havent seen anything smaller than the aquaclear 20 for the bag. i plan on getting media for my marina slim15 when it comes in so if i do my own bags instead and get the media for it, it would save me from doing them separately. thanks for any input!
  • Nylon bags can be difficult in HOB filters because they don’t hold form like the premade one. Sometimes the cheaper brands will fit many filters, like from WalMart. If you want to go the bag route, they sell small ones at any local fish store that you can add whatever you want to. Otherwise, I’ve only seen Aqua Clear make premade bags. You can pick up media and bags off Amazon for pretty good prices as well.
  • I just use old panty hose for the bag. I put the closed end in the filter before I add the filter media. That way the “bag” takes the shape of the filter compartment. If the filter ever needs a good cleaning, I have to empty the “bag” and fill again. Once you take it out of the filter, you can’t just shove it in again.
  • alright im looking to get a new filter for my 10 gallon tank and want to know what you use. i am debating on the tetra whisper 20 or the ex20. i know the ex 20 doesnt have flow control so im leaning towards the whisper 20. anyone have any experiences with those? i have a marineland right now but i have another 10 i need to start up and dont want to do the marineland too noisy as it is so ill probably switch that out eventually. thanks for any input! trying to find out on line is giving me a headache. lol.
  • I also have a Fluval Aquaclear for my 5g and 10g which works perfectly for my male bettas on the low flow setting. It costs a lot but long term I think its really worth it.
  • So far so good?
    This is a 20 long.
    I washed AND baked the sand, added prime, added fluval start, plants, Aqueon 100W for the heater, and Fluval Aquaclear 20 for the filter. I have an api test kit. What else should I add/do to it? Other than let it cycle and add fish.
  • My goal for this tank is a betta and some compatible fish. Of course, this might end up being a large tank of plants with a betta in it.. If he’s a jerk betta who doesn’t wanna share his space. But I’ve done my research as far as setup and who can potentially live with a betta. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wanna get an air plant holder and a “moss” ball but I am having trouble finding one! I actually went to 2 different lfs’s for these plants.
  • Are your plants attached to anything or just down in the sand? It might do well for your plants just in the sand but my anubias was not doing well with roots in the sand so I tied it to some drift wood now they are flourishing, so green they look fake. Just a thought if they start turning yellow on u.
  • They’re just in the sand right now but thanks for the tip! ๐Ÿ™‚ I was thinking of getting some driftwood anyway to add hiding places.
  • Drift wood has great benefits it helps keep ph a little lower and stable. I have 4 pieces of drift wood now and two pieces I bought with plants already rooted into them.
  • eah you don’t want to plant the rhizome of Java ferns or anubias into the substrate (look up rhizome for clarification if needed). It’ll kill the plant straight away as they need that part exposed to the water column and light to flourish.Other than it looks like an epic start!!! Id personally add way more plants (especially for tankmates who will appreciate it) with some easy ones being anachris, hornwort, water wisteria, water sprite, java moss, amazon sword (with root tabs), chain sword (with root tabs), and maybe some cryptocrene species if you can find them!But anyways….don’t mind my rambling ๐Ÿ˜› It’ll be fantastic once its cycled and ready to go.
  • Yup, definitely going to get more plants! Thanks. I took these plants out of the sand and tied them to rocks, and the anubias is in my filter now. I am going to get some driftwood and tie plants to it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thinking about floating plants, since betta seem to appreciate them.These are the product of not one but 2 lfs though! Neither one had the greatest plant selection.. going to try more stores tomorrow.
  • Awesome!!!! Floating plants that are good are duckweed (though once you have it you can’t really get rid of it), salvinia minima, or frogbit. Most places have them in one form or another.And that really sucks! All the plants I mentioned apart from the crypts are pretty basic and pretty much every store I’ve seen has them :/ If youre really in a pinch you could always order them in?
  • Yeah, I’m not sure whether I just picked 2 awkwardly under stocked stores, or whether someone else is planting a tank. Since it’s the middle of the $1/gal sale I’m going to assume that maybe that’s what’s up? Btw I commented an updated photo of the tank.. also is there any actual benefit to having the Anubias in the filter? Other than aesthetics? Because I realized that it’s entirely behind my hood and I can’t actually see it so unless there’s a benefit to having it in there I might move it back out.
  • Haha that would make sense ๐Ÿ˜›And as far as the anubia in the filter goes….it really is just aesthetics, so if you prefer being able to see it in the tank then I’d go for that.
  • I’m glad it’s just aesthetics because it’s already back in the tank! My silly cat literally stole it out of the filter and carried it away. I had to chase him to get it back. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Yeah that isn’t going to work for me.
  • If you want to keep a betta in there you might want to add a lot more plants and most importantly swimming plants. Bettas need loads of cover to feel secure, they love a jungle of plants. The swimming plants would give the betta a hold for his bubble nests, they would give him places to rest near the water surface and they would give him some cover from the top as the enemy in the wild usually attacks from above which is still in their instincts. I would suggest to get frog bit as swimming plants aa their roots are ideal for resting and they also look great.Not many bettas do well with too much open space. It stresses them out, stress reduces their immune system which makes them vulnerable for bad bacteria that always are in the water.Its already a great start though