Popular Bottom Feeders for Aquariums

To have a well rounded ecosystem for your aquarium, you want all levels of fish habitats. The bottom feeders are sort of known to do the dirty work of clean up crew. If you think about it, everything has to fall to the bottom of your aquarium and it makes for a dirty aftermath. You … [Read more…]

Penguin 200 Filter Review?

Topic: Is the penguin 200 a good filter? I need someone’s review on this filter. I was told to buy a marineland penguin filter because they’re awesome quality and also super cheap. My aquarium is a 40 gallon and the penguin 200 would be a perfect fit. I need penguin 200 reviews! Thanks for your … [Read more…]

Review: Top Fin Air Pump 8000

Topic: I’m thinking about ordering the top fin air pump 8000. What is your review on these air pumps? It seems like they would put out a lot of air. Are the top fin air pumps good quality? Anyone know the specs in comparison to other pumps on the market? Need help here. Thanks!   *Awarded … [Read more…]