Sump Tank vs Canister Filter?

Topic: I have a large 120 gallon aquarium want to know the difference between a sump tank vs canister filter? Which will work better on a big fish aquarium? I’ve had descent luck with canister filters but still have to do water changes. I’m wondering if a sump setup will be better filtration for my … [Read more…]

Cory Catfish Best Food?

Topic: I just bought a small school of Cory catfish and I’m wondering what to feed them so they have good nutrition and live a happy life. When should I feed them and how often should I feed the school? I’ve heard that some bottom feeders are nocturnal. What food is best for them. Sorry I … [Read more…]

DIY Drain for Fish Koi Pond

After your pond is dug. ( Make sure the bottom is sloped to where you want to locate your drain.) Dig the hole and trench for your bottom drain and plumbing. Make sure you have extra room around the drain and plumbing. Set your bottom drain in the hole. Use a level and check to … [Read more…]

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish Guide

The Tiger Shovelnose catfish (Phseudoplatystoma faciatium) is a large predatory catfish that should only be kept by an experienced aquarist with a really big aquarium. It’s hard not to fall in love with this beautiful catfish! Those awesome looking vertical strips with a bright white stomach make for an awesome eye piece for any aquarium. … [Read more…]

Are Silver Dollars Aggressive?

Topic: I have a 55 gallon fish aquarium? Are Silver Dollar fish aggressive towards other tropical fish? I want to get some more fish but I already have 3 silver dollars in my tank and was wondering what kind of fish I can get. Need some help on what would be fine to keep with … [Read more…]

Tank Size for Silver Dollars?

Topic: I’m buying a fish aquarium tomorrow and want to own silver dollar fish. What size tank do these fish need? I want to buy a bigger one but don’t know what size for sure. Have any of you bought aquariums online? What size for silver dollar fish?   *Awarded Answer Posted by Jesse W: The … [Read more…]

Best Food for Silver Dollars?

Topic: What is the best food for my Silver Dollar Fish? I have 7 of them in a 55 gallon aquarium. I want to buy them a quality food because someone told me the average foods you buy for tropical fish are full of “fillers” that aren’t good for the fish. I want healthy fish! What’s … [Read more…]

Lifespan of Silver Dollars?

Topic: How long is the lifespan or life expectancy of silver dollar fish? I have 3 of them in my fish aquarium and was maybe going to get more. I really like these fish and they seem to get pretty big in size over time too! How long do they live on average in a … [Read more…]

Silver Dollar Fish Tank Mates?

Topic: I have 4 silver dollar fish in my 55 gallon aquarium. What are some good tank mates or companions that would work for silver dollars? I know these fish are sort of “skittish” so I want the new fish to be a good fit. Need some help here. Thanks for your time.   *Awarded … [Read more…]