Silver Dollar Fish Care

Author: Brooke Ashley Mullis of “Advanced Aquarists” Silver dollars are medium to large disk shaped fish closely related to piranha and pacu. The are found throughout South America in slow moving rivers and swamps around thick vegetation. They are a disk shaped fish reaching sizes of between 5-9 inches across depending on the species. Besides … [Read more…]

Need Heater for Oscar Fish?

Topic: I was wondering if I need a heater for my Oscar tank? I heard they are tropical fish but my house stays sort of warm all the time. What temperature should the tank stay? Do I need to buy a heater for my aquarium? How do i know what size to buy? I just … [Read more…]

SunSun 304b Review? vs 404b?

Topic: I’m looking for reviews because I am thinking of buying one. I want a descent priced canister filter that is going to do a good job on my fish aquarium. Does anyone have a review to share with me on the 304b or maybe the 404b series?   *Awarded Answer Posted by Alisha H: … [Read more…]

Cheap Cichlid Stones?

Topic: Where are you buying cheap cichlid stones from? My local fish store and pet stores have them for very expensive price. I want to glue a bunch of cichlid stones together. Need some help thank you!   *Awarded Answer Posted by Megan B: I’ve spent hours searching for a cheap version of cichlid stones … [Read more…]