Baby Fry Hideout Spots? Guppy Protector

Topic: What’s the best protector to use for baby fry fish? My babies are all getting eaten and I’m loosing them?! Is there a plant or some sort of plant.. or decoration that I can use that will help protect the baby fry.


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Posted by Rick M: The best method for hiding your baby fish fry is to buy a grass style plant. They’re specifically designed for this purpose. When guppies (and other fish) are ready to give birth it’s instinct for them to swim to the bottom and give birth. That’s where that grass plant will be laying. Then once the babies are born they are in the plant and their success rate is much higher! Here is what the plant looks like. I buy this specific one if your interested. Here is an amazon link:


Posted by Brandon N: I actually use the same plants and they work great. The pregnant females do go to the bottom like the above poster said. I highly advise those plants if your looking for your fish to breed and the babies to hide! This is another plant I use too:


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Posted by Alicia D: OK my guppy friends. If I Decide to separate the babies and give them there own small tank jus for them do they really need a filter????

  • You can use filter and you can use air to get the water moving. It is also popular to use floating tanks for fry. Ps IF you use other tank use the same water.
  • Thank you! I used the big tanks water and set up a betta filter it hooks to a air pump. They seem to be doing OK. Its temporary. I’m looking into getting a bigger tank for all
  • I dont use filter for fry.. . Very low mortality rate.. change half water every weekend.. fast growing with micro frozen brine shrimp.
  • And that blueish green thing is a small betta filter and I’m wondering should I hook it up and use it or will they be fine with out a filter?
  • Well, I say whatever works for you, but true the fry need little as they produce little waste. I am an old school guy and say at least ring an old filter in the tank to help get bacteria going and add snails as they help produce waste to keep the cycle going. If you never had a cycle, well they should make it for a while.
  • I have them set up in this with a small betta filter for now. I did use the same water from the big tank they were in that way its the same temp and all. All them babies, the parents, the Crawfish, & snail its getting crowded in the tank. I’m planning on getting a bigger tank when the dollar per gallon sale starts.
  • Very Cool, I don’t ever see a need for them to suffer and you took care of that. I just bought 3 tanks to add to my others. When is the Petco or whatever it is starting? $1 thing? I mean I know a guy right now selling tanks from his fishroom, got 3 20 gallon talls with glass hoods for $20 each.
  • NM last comment, I am an idiot, I live in Louisville, KY and belong to 5 forums, you probably don’t live here, my bad 🙂
  • Petco says it’s supposed to start July 9th nationwide. I’m looking to get the 20gallon long. I have a crawfish, snail, and guppies and 5 gallons was gettn a lil small for all of them. I have close to 15 babies. I can never count they swim so fast lol
  • Thank you. I was told. To buy 2 female and a male guppy then I’d have an endless supply of feeder fish for my Crawfish . then someone else said get a snail. I got a mystery snail. My Crawfish don’t seem to care about the snail however they do bump into each other from time to time. At least the snail is helping keep the tank clean lol. If I can get that bigger tank I plan to move all into the big tank they will have more room. Gettn a Lil crowded n the five gal.
  • Cool, I am a guppy/shrimp guy is my expertise if you will, but not heard of crawfish eating snails? Again, don’t listen to me as I have no clue what so ever. You were correct, usually 1 male to every 3 females, but when like me you have 20 tanks with 200+ in each, that goes out the window. That is why I personally don’t separate males/females/fry other then to breed certain colors, no time for me 🙂 Some get ate for sure, but this morning in one of my 29’s, i saw at least 200 while trying to only bag 10 of them for sell. Give it a few years, you will either quit or become a tank addict…
  • I hadn’t heard of a snail being eaten by crawfish either till recently. I’m n a Crawfish group. But I figured I’ll buy jus one and see what happens if he does eat it well I’ll get another one. And if he doesn’t eat him well then I have a pet mystery snail too lol I named the snail Gary like off of spongebob lol oh and my blue crawfish his name is Royal 🙂
  • I love those sponges! Good call there, I use slightly different ones. I love some Jessica as she knows her stuff…
  • Again, like usual, you are correct and coverage for bio is what we need. I sold $400 this weekend in shipments, I will have to cut back soon to let my breeding stock catch up 🙂
  • Lol I think I’ll always need help. My biggest problem is keeping the tank clean. Jessica helped give me tips last night. I have to learn how to keep a crawfish tank clean without draining the water and carrying the tank to the washroom to clean it. I’m having surgery in a few days and won’t be able to carry any more tanks lol and a crawfish tank gets dirtier than a fish tank.
  • Well, without a pump and hose attached, going to be a little difficult, sadly. In my basement I have a line running from the AC unit and hot water heater into the ground as for leaking, I run the lines in there for draining, not sure if you have anything like what I mentioned to make it easier?