Best Brand Heater for Aquariums?

Topic: I have a couple different fish aquariums setup right now. What’s the best aquarium heater brands? Or what are the top reviewed heaters of 2016? I had an accident where one of my heaters blew up and killed all my fish. I had a lot of expensive fish in that aquarium too. I will ONLY be buying top quality heaters now. I don’t trust any of the cheap off brand stuff.


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Jessica N: There are a couple top rated brands or companies that make the best heaters. I also had an accident with one of my heaters in a discus aquarium of mine. I paid around $100 per fish and it was SO SAD to loose all my fish. I did hours of research on the top reviewed brands for heaters. Here is what I came up with.

Eheim Jager

I spent hours doing this research and have ZERO doubts that these are the top brands and the BEST brands on the market. If you want a quick decision on buying a heater with doing zero research.. this heater is the top rated and most sold heater right now. It is a ViaAqua and fully customizable to different size aquariums and yeah.. there is a reason it’s the most sold right now. have a look at it here


Posted by Nick P: I agree with those being the best brands. I have always bought Fluval personally because they DOMINATE the aquarium industry but.. they are all top brands and any of them are going to do very well. I have been fortunate enough to not have lost any fish.. maybe that’s because I just bought the best from the beginning. I have some saltwater setups so the fish are super expensive and I didn’t want anything to happen to them.


Posted by Julie H: Standing at Walmart fixing the Betta cups to where they aren’t stacked on top of each other..
Lady walks up carrying glass fish bowls..
“Do they look healthy?”
Me: “uh no they never look healthy at Walmart”
Her: “yeah I figured.. I guess I will just get my equipment here and my fish at Petco.”
Me: “yeah I wouldn’t put them in a bowl they should be in a tank with filter and heater. They are tropical fish who need warmer water and deserve more space”
Her: ” oh no mine have been doing great for a couple years..”
Me: “well they can survive in that bowl with cold water but it doesn’t mean they should”
Her: “mine are doing great though”
Me: walks away and tells my husband to save me before i lose my mind on this uneducated woman.

  • I can also do great on an all sugar diet, and would appear just fine on the outside…until.. eventually I succumb to sickness and bad health because I keep eating c%&p…same sort of thing. I find people like that are similar with their own health. Well I feel fine, no need to ever see a doctor then! No, not good! Lol. Never know what’s going on inside that’s not apparent yet on the outside. Same with animals, don’t give them the proper care they need eventually they won’t be doing “fine” for long…unfortunately. People don’t want to change what they can’t see may be wrong. And you did your part to inform, sometimes experience will teach best.
  • This happens to me every single time I go to Walmart. A mom and her daughter were looking at the small betta keepers, and I basically told them, get this set up instead…


Posted by Ryan H: thanks for the add. I have a few questions. I plan on getting a tropical fish today. I have almost everything. I just have a few questions.
1. what is the ideal temp for the water? i do have a heater i just figure making sure its regulated would be beneficial
2. are small rocks ok? I heard of fish eating the rocks and dying but then I heard large rocks or marbles can trap them
3.if I clean the tank often is a filter important?
4. while buying a heater yesterday i seen something called like a tropical fish exerciser like a floating mirror. that seems strange since i figure it would attack it and that seems awfully stressful the lady at the pet store assured me they are wonderful for them. but since owning hedgehogs the advice i hear pet store employees is about as trustworthy as asking the stockboy at the grocery store for nutrition advice lol
thanks in advance. 🙂
oh also when picking out a tropical fish what should i look for?

  • 1) ideal temp is between 25°C and 28°C. I keep my tanks at 28°C.2) i prefer the look of fine gravel or sand. But bigger gravel is fine.3) if you give the tank water changes every second day and your tank is around 3 gallons or more then a filter wouldn’t be necessary. However I like to suggest getting a filter when you can as it holds beneficial bacteria.4) you will need to exercise your fish a few minutes everyday so yes the exercise mirror will be needed.5) when picking out a fish you want to find one that’s active, a healthy weight, no health problems, no clamped fins, pretty much the healthiest fish you can find. As much as we want to save the sick ones we don’t want to promote bad care either. So pick a healthy on you really like.
  • I would say YES on the filter. You could probably manage without it but I don’t recommend it. When you DO get a filter, don’t worry about changing the filter cartridge. Let it cultivate good bacteria, and only change it if its falling apart. To clean it, swish it gently in old aquarium water during a water change to get rid of solid waste and put it right back in. I also use filter foam cut to size and squish it behind the filter cartridge for more bacterialicious surface area.


Posted by Alisha E: So they opened that Pet Supplies Plus near my house that I was super excited for, so of course I went and got the rewards card, I had a coupon for fish food so I got some for my goldies. They seemed to have the animals in great conditions so far (store is new) but I made a point to talk to an employee and say how great the animals were being kept and I really appreciate it and look forward to being a patron of a store where animals are treated well. You get more bees with honey than vinegar.

Anyway, they have three black crown tails and I almost bought one. Even my boyfriend was saying how pretty they were and had to pretty much drag me out of the store to keep me from buying one. But I do have two extra (empty) 3 gallon tanks and some huge wide bowls that I was thinking of doing a live plant bowl with a sponge filter and possibly a heat lamp and/or mat instead of an in the tank heater. The bowls are probably about 4-6 gallons but I have not yet measured the volume exactly.

In my house, I have two ten gallon tanks with my sorority and my three males divided and then a 20 long with my hamster, then a 20 tall in my living room and a 6 gallon in my bathroom (dont ask). So, do I REALLY need another fish, and where the hell would I put the tank? They’re having a grand opening sale and event at the end of the month and I really want to go back for one of those crown tails! Talk some sense into me, people!

  • Lol my husband was like no no more fish for you! Grumble grumble grrr! Aaaaannd he made fun of me for months about my “fish habit” and then…. he bought me 2. While I was at work. Because “they were so pretty and I knew you would love them” they always come around. I’ve got 3 five gallons a ten and a 2.5 and a half gallon (I know it’s tiny but one of my boys is only happy in a small tank) and all of them are in my bedroom. And I’ll admit I’m totally a fish enabler.
  • Wrong place to be asking for people to talk some sense into you. If you want them then you need them. Find a spot big enough, set up one of those extra or two tanks and go get those black crowns. You know you owe yourself a treat for all the love and devotion you give to your pets already. best aquarium heater
  • I know the feeling. I had one of my boys in one of my two 2.5 gallon tanks and I upgraded him to a 4 gallon. I said I’d never stuff another poor little fish into my tiny 2.5 gallon tanks. 4 gallons and up for me! Come, next visit to the pet store, I found two more fish I simply could not have left without. One just got upgraded to another 4 gallon, and the other will be in a new 4 gallon within the next 2 months. And then, I’ll have two left over tanks. If I can find it in my heart to get two more fish, so can you!!!


Posted by Jake N: Hi! Brand new tropical fish fish keeper here. I just got my first tropical fish two days ago. This is Qwerty and his new home on my night stand. I’ve changed the position of the filter to the back because the current from it kept sweeping him away 😳 Anyways… I didn’t think I could love having a fish, but he’s very entertaining and so pretty to gaze at 😄
Does anyone have some tips, do’s/don’t’s, tricks, any advice for me? Brands you like? Decor you recommend? Anything really lol.
I started the tank out with some Tetra Safe Start+ and the Tetra tropical fish Safe water conditioner. He’s got the Aqueon QuietFlow 10, and a 50watt heater (preset at 78°). I’ve been feeding him the Omega One pellets or the same brand of freeze dried bloodworms. I’ve got a gallon of conditioned water sitting ready for a water change.
I still want to get a mini siphon and I need to find a hood that will fit a filter and such for a 5gallon tank. Couldn’t find just a hood at the chain stores. What other accessories should I invest in?
Thank you so much!

  • He is just gorgeous! Petco does have hinged tank covers for 5g, but they are very inconspicuous so I’d ask an employee where they are. I got a mini turkey baster type thing for tropical fishs off amazon by Marina for in-between water change cleanings. There is also a foam tip by fluval you can put on the inflow of the filter that will slow the flow a little and you can cut up a filter sponge by fluval and put it in the output compartment to slow the flow more. It looks like you have a great set up and have a happy fishy!
  • I know! I wandered around forever too until I found someone to ask. They are in flat boxes near the aquarium stands on the bottom shelf with poor signage, at least in my store. Yes, you can usually customize some stuff to make what you have work better. The fluval intake sponge is pretty big and you just have to figure out how to cut the other sponge to fit into the output part.
  • You are doing pretty well for a newbie! Better than me in the beginning. Don’t forget to get a test kit to monitor the parameters. Also is your tank cycled? I would also recommend slowly making a medicine box for any just in case.