Best Food for Silver Dollars?

Topic: What is the best food for my Silver Dollar Fish? I have 7 of them in a 55 gallon aquarium. I want to buy them a quality food because someone told me the average foods you buy for tropical fish are full of “fillers” that aren’t good for the fish. I want healthy fish! What’s the best food?


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Grant BSilver Dollar Fish are more on the vegetarian side of foods but will also eat protein from time to time. Use a good brand of quality tropical flakes mixed with some algae wafers too. I always buy Omega One fish foods because they are top quality and have been around for decades. A thing of food might cost a couple more dollars than cheaper foods but I feel it’s worth my fish being happy. Here is an Amazon link if it helps.

Variety is EVERYTHING. Get a couple different brands and types of foods and switch it up on days. The saying “too much of one thing isn’t good for anyone” suits aquarium fish too! Would you want to eat the same thing everyday?… Didn’t think so haha.


Posted by Nathan FTry to replicate what they eat in their natural habitat. The silver dollar will eat some insects too. They are very opportunistic eaters and will take what it given to them at the time. I’ll sometimes throw small insects in my fish aquarium just to let the fish get that natural aspect outside of just eating flake food all the time. Or some brine shrimp food, shrimp larvae, or just any of that protein based good fish foods.


Posted by Nate YI have 3 silver dollar fish. About the size of a silver dollar. Maybe a little bigger. They stay in the back of the tank going back and forth. They are scared of me. The rest if my fish come to me for food. Are they naturally shy?

@Reply: Yes mine are palm sized and still do this. But after I stand there a few minutes they’ll come out.

@Reply: Lots of driftwood and floating plants helps them drastically. As long as they are given open space to swim.

@Reply: Do they know you are friend and they are not food? When I had silvers they always took off. my tetras come to the glass and stare back at me.

@Reply: Mine are a good 4.5″ and kinda mean I regularly get water splashed in my face trying to feed them. Sometimes they even horrify my jack Dempsey.

@Reply: I never said live plants. Fact of the matter is they do much better with floating cover.

@Reply: Quick is an understatement lol. It’s funny because I don’t think they look very agile. I think they look like they would be the minivan of the fish world. They are ridiculously fast though.


Posted by Grant BDo striped tiger silver dollars breed in captivity? I have a 150 gallon tank and would like to breed a fish that I can get higher dollar amounts for. I asked the same question in fish junkies in case you see this twice.


Posted by Kevin HMy tiny silver dollar is swimming sideways and is not very active. Any ideas? I’m trying to take care of my fish to the best of my ability.


Posted by Haley T:
I found my red hook silver dollar on the filter this morning so I unstuck him and he was still alive. I put him in ICU/baby basket so no one would pick on him and I can keep an eye on him. He is eating and swimming around but he is curved from being stuck on the filter, will he straighten out or is this the beginning of the end? I’ve already lost two fish from another tank and don’t want to lose him too. Water all tests ok.


Posted by Jessie U:
So I went to my Lfs to get some food for the fish and I ended up walking out. With this huge silver dollar for my monster tank, does this happen to anyone else? I think I need fish anonymous or something. I may have a problem lol