Setting Up for a Betta Fish Tank

Do you keep betta fish already or maybe want to setup a new tank? This is a good video on tank setup for bettas. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

  • Beelzebub has been on the brink of death twice in the past two weeks, STILL fighting his velvet. He was really bad this morning. He was very pale, breathing fast, not active (except to dart every now and then to itch), even starting to pinecone. He was just sitting on the floor of his tank at lunch time, and now he’s acting almost normal. Mr. Beezy is a fighter! His gills (the “coverings”) look pretty bad and I’m a little worried. Going to keep giving his medicine every 12 hours for at least a few more days until I switch it back to every 24 hrs, and hope he keeps pushing through this!
  • I wonder if fish know when they’re being naughty. Azazel is always in trouble. Sitting on his sponge filter, wrapping himself around his heater (even though it’s 80 degrees in there!), getting too excited and darting into things, and biting too hard. My other fish aren’t buttheads like that. I wonder if he knows…
  • Here’s a pic of my cute little trouble maker. He hit his head on the surface today. Didn’t know you could hit your head on air. But he did. Kinda. Floated to the top, not moving a muscle, and freaked out when his head touched the top.
  • Brownie knows. She bites me and then runs away like she’s worried I’ll bite back.
  • My betta wouldn’t eat last night and I just went to check on him and he was dead. Idk what happened. I’m devastated.
  • Oh no, so sorry for your loss. I had tu put down to sleep my Casper and it feel bad. I can understand how do you feel. SIP baby Olaf and Casper…
  • Thank’s to all who helped me with my baby boy Casper. He was more than a fish for me. He was my connection with my dad in heaven. Unfortunately and after trying almost everything to treat his tumor, fin rot and dropsy I put him to sleep. Not to mention how devastated I feel already. I will miss him from here to the moon. *picture was taken when he was happy and healthy!RIP my angel Casper!