Sump Tank vs Canister Filter?

Topic: I have a large 120 gallon aquarium want to know the difference between a sump tank vs canister filter? Which will work better on a big fish aquarium? I’ve had descent luck with canister filters but still have to do water changes. I’m wondering if a sump setup will be better filtration for my … [Read more…]

DIY Drain for Fish Koi Pond

After your pond is dug. ( Make sure the bottom is sloped to where you want to locate your drain.) Dig the hole and trench for your bottom drain and plumbing. Make sure you have extra room around the drain and plumbing. Set your bottom drain in the hole. Use a level and check to … [Read more…]

Need Heater for Oscar Fish?

Topic: I was wondering if I need a heater for my Oscar tank? I heard they are tropical fish but my house stays sort of warm all the time. What temperature should the tank stay? Do I need to buy a heater for my aquarium? How do i know what size to buy? I just … [Read more…]

SunSun 304b Review? vs 404b?

Topic: I’m looking for reviews because I am thinking of buying one. I want a descent priced canister filter that is going to do a good job on my fish aquarium. Does anyone have a review to share with me on the 304b or maybe the 404b series?   *Awarded Answer Posted by Alisha H: … [Read more…]