Cheap Cichlid Stones?

Topic: Where are you buying cheap cichlid stones from? My local fish store and pet stores have them for very expensive price. I want to glue a bunch of cichlid stones together. Need some help thank you!


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Megan B: I’ve spent hours searching for a cheap version of cichlid stones and the only way around paying the money is to make your own.. and I wasn’t about to do that. The best price is found buying online because your cutting out the middle man (like a pet store) to make profit on. Here is the pack I bought. They have super good reviews and the best price I’ve found. These are 8 packs too! Here is the link:

I broke down and paid the price because the fish absolutely love these stones. They swim in and out of these all day every single day. Think of something that brings constant happiness to your life.. It’s sad enough the fish have to live in a tiny glass tank the way it is. Buy your fish something they will appreciate everyday!

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  • Just scored two HUGE Texas holy rocks
    Now I’m thinking they might be to heavy for my tank especially that big one….tons of caves.Thinking about just having these two in the tank taking everything else out.
  • This one keeps landscaping under rock caves all the way to the glass no matter how i arrange my tank any ideas why?
  • Tanks can handle much more weight then you think. You could fill it all the way up with rocks that big and still be fine
  • If you happen to live anywhere where there are places with natural rocks/ river rocks go for an outing to collect some. Got fed up of the prices at the fish stores, found a river and got free rocks of my choice for free. Love my tank setup now , and the fish feel really at home.
  • A lot of african cichlid keepers have moved beyond texas holey rock. they are now using i- tank rock backgrounds with Matching artificial rocks. I personally am using aquadecor backgrounds. Advantages? Less weight, uses a lot less space, eliminates places where detritus collects, and most importantly in my experience you have fewer fish injuries (eyes, bodies) from hitting the sharp edges.

Posted by Nick G: I agree with the above posted answer. Those Penn Plex cichlid caves are the cheapest and they are a good product. I’ve bought them 5 times and have a bunch of them in my tanks. My fish absolutely love them. I tried making a couple sets of them and they always broke apart when trying to bake them.. I would just bite the bullet and buy the Penn Plex ones. Good question though!

  • Ive got some large pieces, its available around my area.. People have it in piles for landscaping. Im thinking about trying to build an underwater waterfall using a rock with a big hole at the top.
  • I can buy it at the landscaping supplier here for .44 cents a pound and .20 cents per pound for unbleached. They have big chunks of lava rock too.
  • My sister lives in tx I need to get some of that but getting it here to fl will be expense. I’m going there soon.
  • Just weighed each rock…one weighs 60.5 lbs the other is 38.2
    My tank is a 135 it is built in a custom stand but it is open,I did a lot of research last night and yes it can hold those but I am going to break 60lb one I feel very unsafe putting that big one in my tank.Now thinking a cold chisel and sledge hammer should do it…
  • Well, just to let you know… You should be safe according to my uncle who does maintenance on aquariums daily and set them up and scapes them.
  • I just talked with my uncle who does aquarium maintenance for a living. He said in a 75.. you could put about 100lbs
  • Not how it adds up. That rock isnt much heavier then the water. A local salt fish shop keeps a couple tanks filled all the way up to the top with rocks and water to sell the Rocks as live rock.
  • You will be fine just put an inch or two of gravel underneath it to distribute Weight… but probably that isn’t even necessary.



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