Cory Catfish Best Food?

Topic: I just bought a small school of Cory catfish and I’m wondering what to feed them so they have good nutrition and live a happy life. When should I feed them and how often should I feed the school? I’ve heard that some bottom feeders are nocturnal. What food is best for them. Sorry I just have a lot of questions I need answers to. Thanks for the help.


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Kevin M: The number one problem people have when feeding the Cory catfish is that the food NEEDS TO SINK to the bottom. Because they are bottom feeders and that’s where they always are. Sinking pellet foods are best. Cory catfish are omnivores so a meaty substance for a core of their diet will bring a lot value. Shrimp based foods are great and what I personally use 70% of the time. I personally advise to feed them Omega One brand. Here is a link:

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For their secondary food, I feed them algae wafers. You just have to know that catfish need some protein and meaty foods to their diet. Algae is a vital necessity to their diets too. I switch around different brands of algae wafers just so my fish don’t get sick of the same types. Some brands claim to be much better than others but who really knows. That’s why I switch up the brands and stick with variety. I also sometimes break them up for the Cories.

People think the Cory catfish are the garbage disposal of aquariums and clean up crew but that’s somewhat false. They are fish too and need their own stable food. You mentioned the idea of some catfish being nocturnal… I’m fairly certain the Cory catfish are not nocturnal.

Posted by Alyssa Essek:
The number one main concern here is that you are getting algae disks that sink to the bottom and make it able for these catfish to eat them. I was just to think that if I just threw food in the tank that they would eventually get it because it’s going to sing to the bottom but by the time all the other fish ate the food it never really made it to the bottom. So if I were to give you one piece of advice make sure you buy pieces of food that sink to the bottom for them to eat and also feed them while you’re feeding the other fish so that their food specifically can have more of a chance and sync it to the bottom.

Posted by Nathan R:
If you think about it though when you feed your Fish I would say at least 10% of the food sings to the bottom before the other fish can get to it. So they are getting their share food except maybe after you have the first feeding throw in a second that way more of it sinks to the bottom of the other fish are feeding on the first session of food. Hopefully that makes sense but to say it in other words you should just feed them more food at once so that more of it sink to the bottom before the other fish yet because there’s so much food that they can consume it fast enough.

Posted by Andrea Johnson:
You will quickly learn that just because these catfish are not really huge they are still big-time eaters and they feed on a lot of food so you want to make sure that you feed him often enough and give them enough food. I think it was already mentioned that these fish somewhat have a misconception that they are the tank cleaning crew but they’re actually needing their own type of food by themselves. The Cory catfish is my favorite bottom dweller. Just because you can have them in a school whereas other catfish usually gets so large in size that you can only have one of them because they grow over a foot long.

Posted by Jake G:
I have to agree that I made the switch to this species of catfish just because I had other species where a couple of years goes by and they’ll grow your tank because they grow so large in size. I had a Pleco that was 14 inches long after a couple of years and all of a sudden I don’t have enough aquarium space to take care of this thing anymore. It would be one thing if I had a monster gigantic aquarium but I actually don’t song trying to keep this to a level to where the fish are happy in their environments and that’s why chose these catfish.

Posted by Sarah B:
I think the key fact that people need to take away from this is that these catfish need a variety of different foods and just giving them one type of food every single day isn’t going to cut it. I would advise switching it up and making sure that they’re getting some meat substance and also a vital core to their diet needs to be algae.