Dimensions for Aquarium Glass Tops?

Topic: I’m trying to figure out the dimensions of my tank opening. I have a couple aquariums and want to order glass tops for them but I need to know the measurements or dimensions of the openings… where can I find this info? Need some help here? I can’t even find using google…?!


*Awarded Answer:
Posted by Brandi H: I’ve learned that this is a tough thing to accomplish.. It’s really stupid that someone just doesn’t release all the info of the dimensions. I think a lot of the big companies just want you to buy their glass lids so they don’t show much of the opening measurement information. I’ve spent hours measuring the tank openings and then going to shop around on the internet with glass lids to buy that fit.. Then I ran into another issue with companies listing the measurements wrong… ARggghhh!

If I were you I would just contact a company called “Off The Deep End” and they will just cut you Polycarbonate tops for your tanks based on your dimensions. They are half the price of glass lids and much more indestructible. And yes they do come with a hinge opening. I started buying from them and never looked back!!

  • Where Can I find a glass lid or a plastic lid for my 40 gallon breeder? Feel like I’m asking a question every 20 minutes in this group, very helpful group. I can’t find a lid/cover/canopy anywhere.
  • Those are what I have on some. There’s a plastic piece in the back edge you can cut out to accommodate hob, heater, etc.
  • Reading reviews saying the versa 36 inch is too long and too short for 40Breeder. DIY maybe…
  • Go to your local glass shop, and have 1 cut for a few $$ instead of spending 5X as much ordering it.

  • So my mum stepped on one of my glass lid while I was doing a water change, is there any way to fix it or do I just get a new one?
  • My mum broke my glass lid the other day too while I was doing a water change 😡 she decided to take it to the sink to wash it and dropped it!
  • Go buy a strip of glass the size of the crack, 1 inch wide. Silicone it to the bottom of the lid and it’ll hold just fine. If you get a piece of glass for both sides it’ll be much more stable.
  • Make a “sandwich” with two thin plexi pieces cut to shape of lid…or just buy a thicker piece of plexi and make one.
  • Silicone or safe glue and a plexi patch to hold the broken pieces back together while not making it look janky.


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