Fish Tank Lid Ideas? DIY Tops?

Topic: I need some help with fish tank lid ideas and DIY tops for my aquariums? I want tops on my tanks to help with evaporation and keep the heat in the tank better. What are the best materials to use that I can maybe do myself? Thanks for the help!


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Posted by Chris W: I’ve been keeping fish for years upon years and tried to think of every different idea for aquarium lids.. I’ve used plastics from the home improvement store.. made custom wood canopies.. pretty much anything you can think of. After years of using all these different materials, the BEST thing to use for aquarium tops is “polycarbonate” from the greenhouse industry. It comes in big sheets though.. that’s the bad thing though.. GOOD news though! A company cuts up pieces for you and ships them to your house for really cheap.

The name of the company is called “Off The Deep End” and if you contact them they will ship you a piece cut to your tank size. They have options with pieces with hinges too. That way you can open open the hinge to reach your arm in and feed your fish etc. I’ve just been ordering from them now and it’s been great.

  • what did you use for the brackets going across the tank to support the light and plastic. im in process of setting up 40g breeder tank and plan on using a clear piece of currogated plastic cut to size but it doesn’t seem strong enough. i will also neef to cut pieces out for HOB filter etc so i think i need bracket support. thanks. i subbed you as well.
  • @Reply: Not sure what you mean.. The polycarbonate lids fit right into the spot where glass lids would. They are around the same thickness as glass is too.. so it works perfect. I’m telling you guys… buying lids from these guys is the route to go! Go visit their facebook page and put in an order with them here “Off The Deep End”
  •  Thanks for the reply. Yeahhhhhh everything I’m trying isn’t working so great… My next option is to just go to a glass company and get some thicker glass cut. But I’m wondering if buying glass lids will just be the same price..?
  • @Reply: Glass lids are great UNTIL you set them down wrong or clean them and bump somthing and CRACK! You wont have that problem with polycarbonate. Plus this stuff has a higher PAR rating than glass! That means it lets more light through than glass!!!



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