Fluval G6 Review? Problems?

Topic: Who has insight on the fluval G6?
I’ve had Fluval canister filters for many years and have mixed feelings about them. This G6 is just shy of $400 and I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I’d like to use it on my custom 85 high. I currently filter it with a Fluval 305 & 306.

I like the idea of changing filter media on the fly without having to open up the canisters.
Will an inline heater and/or UV sterilizer work with it? The fish are some big irridescent sharks and assorted tropical.


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Nick P: I’ve got one. I love mine, and I think the reviews speak for themselves. It’s a phenomenal piece of equipment and it delivers exactly what it promises. This is the future of our hobby. I bought mine on Amazon and got a pretty good deal. Here is the link:


  • @Reply: I have one and it’s brilliant for me. It’s easy to use. Everything goes back together only 1 way so u can’t muck up the allignments. I didn’t shop around to see there is just as good cheaper. I needed a filter quick smart. U can get different cartridge to address nitrates etc but I haven’t. U can’t fit a heater inside it. I have big fish so need good filter. I still clean it out fortnightly and the display helps me to remember where I’m at with which cleanup job. Prob won’t get another but really glad I have this one.
  • Thanks for responding. Just so you know, inline heaters are fitted between a cut in the intake tube, not inside the canister.
  • No. Been using one for years. Prevents large fish from breaking heaters inside the tank. Also eliminates their unsightly look.
  • Finally a canister that addresses the importance of easy clean mechanical filtration. I would get two of those cartridges for quick replacement, then you can take your time to clean the dirty later.

Posted by Jason B: I have a Fluval G6 that some clips on the filters have broken, its an expensive filter to fix and the media is a bit pricey as well. So I opted to not fix it and get a new canister filter.
I have my mind set on the Eheim pro4+. I can get it for 173.00 at my local petsmart. Which is the best price I have seen on this filter. Any reason or other filter I should be considering?

  • Im running a g3 on one of my tank.. not a bad canister but it lost power fast bc of the mechanical filtration. I prefer my fx5 or 406 vs the g3.

Posted by Alicia B: i had one in the past. its a gimmick. it clogs easily and the mechanical filtration is limited in space.

  • Ideally any mechanical should be cleaned frequently to get the solid waste out of the system.
  • this clogged on me weekly. its not a pracitcal filter at all. To be honest this is a design that is beginner friendly but not ideal for a true hobbyist.
  • I clean mechanical weekly or more frequently. The system at work backwashed the mechanical every 15 minutes.