Best Food for Guppies? Flakes?

Topic: Our family just setup a guppy tank and I’m super excited to take care of them. What do guppies eat and how often to feed them? Can I buy their food at Walmart? How many times a day? Are there different types of flakes designed for guppies or Livebearer fish in general? As you can see, I have lots of questions 🙂 thanks for the help.


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Posted by Jessica P:
Guppy fish are extremely easy to feed. A lot of the “main stream foods” sold at big box stores are NOT GOOD. Some of the bad brands of foods are full of fillers and that’s not good. I highly advise spending a couple more dollars and getting a good brand. We feed all our fish Omega One brand and it’s great stuff! Here is an amazon link:

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Important: When feeding your guppies, do not over feed them. These fish are known to have digestive issues and their organs get what is called “bloating”. To ensure your fish do not over eat, only feed them an amount of food that they will consume within a couple of minutes. How many times a day? Twice a day is a good number to go with.

The guppy stomach is only the size of their eye ball and that doesn’t take much to fill. One pinch of flake food from your hand is going to feed numerous fish. If you do a quick search in some of the large fish forums for sick guppies… you will find that most people overfeed their fish tell they become sick. Fish will continue to eat past hunger due to aggression of other fish. It’s a lot like a large family. Hopefully that helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

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Posted by Nathan K:
I feel like people who care about their guppies more than the average fish owner feed their fish better foods than just flake food. I have started my own brine shrimp hatchery for crying out loud. Haha! These fish are amazing and show so much personality. Glad to see a new fish keeper going the Guppy lifestyle! Welcome to the club.

Posted by Eric H:
I’ve been having really good luck with ordering a lot of frozen foods online and just feeding them back. If you get online and search for some of the larger distributors of shrimp you will notice that the stuff is actually really cheap. For the price to feed my fish flake food for the rest of your lives every single day it just seemed a little better and I have my fish healthier I just spending a little bit more. I like to compare it as two of us humans eating McDonald’s or fast food every single day because there’s all these additives in it and crap that make it last a really long time.

Posted by Grant E:
A lot of the flake foods are going to find out Walmart and stuff really are crappy but if you get into some of the better stuff online there are some enriched vitamin flake food that is 100 times better. In my opinion when it comes to flake food brand name is everything and if you go with some of the better reviews out there you can’t go wrong. Or what I’ve been told to do is just call one of the fish breeders within your area and just ask him when he’s feeding his fish.


Posted by Brandy H:
Hi, I’m after some advice regarding guppy fry care. I bought some guppies for my community tank and I know that at least two of the females are pregnant, I’ve decided to raise the first batch of fry but need some info on care. If I separate mum into breeding tank, how long do I leave mum in with babies after she’s had them? What, how much and how often do I feed the babies? And when do I know they’re big enough to add into my community tank? Thanks in advance.

@Reply: All your females will be pregnant, personally if you have a well planted tank I wouldnt remove mum.
The week/slow will get eaten and the stronger will survive. If you save all the fry you will soon be over run as guppies breed like rabbits.

@Reply: Take mom out as soon as she’s done having them, she may eat any that don’t escape fast enough. You can crush up tropical flake in a zip lock baggie, and roll it to make it fine enough for the little fry mouths. And when they can join the rest kind of depends on what is in your tank, but once they’re too big to be eaten you should be safe. You can also let her birth in your tank instead of separation, you will still have some survivors, like Krista said, they breed like rabbits.

@Reply: Thanks for the info smile emoticon. I’m aware they breed like rabbits, I only intend to raise the one lot, the rest will be left to fend for themselves. These fish are best kept with more “general tropical” fish like silver dollars, some SA cichlids, mollies, and so forth.


Posted by Nick H:
Can mollies and guppies breed together and make a mix?

@Reply: It can happen! I have seen it before.

@Reply: Not strictly true. Their gonopodiums are different between genus so it is extremely rare for different genus to hybridise. Xiphophorus (Platy and Swordtails) are the same genus to regularly interbreed. Poecilia (Guppies and Mollies) can cross breed but the size differences make it near impossible in many cases, unless the Molly is extremely small.
But in response to other comments, most livebearers store sperm for up to 6 months (on average, some longer and some shorter) after one single mating and can use one mating’s worth of sperm for several pregnancies. They also reach sexual maturity extremely early so offspring can impregnate/become pregnant early in their lives.

Their anatomy is designed/adapted to mate with their own species, not other species. If it was that easily done, the wild populations would be rife with sterile hybrids that do nothing for the population and that isn’t adaptive in any way, so it won’t happen.
Yes, it DOES happen when people keep mixed species groups but more often than not people think they’ve hybridised when they haven’t. Just because a male of one species chases and attempts to mate with a female of another species, doesn’t mean it was actually successful. One person successfully doing it doesn’t make it more common, it makes it possible in rare cases. I’ve known hundreds of people to keep them in mixed species groups and the genus line was never crossed. Sperm storage makes it 90% likely that every pregnancy is from their own species.
I’m talking scientifically here, the gonopodiums in one species are not designed to fit the genital openings of another species. Otherwise, what would be the point in being a difference species? They’d all be the same. They’ve evolved alongside each other to have differences which prevent successful hybridisation.
I’m not saying what you say it completely untrue, but what I am saying is that it’s not always what it first seems.