Frozen Bloodworms: Defrost Before Feeding?

Topic: How many use frozen bloodworms? Of those that do, do you let them defrost before feeding?


  • I put them in a cup with some of the tank water to let them defrost a bit, takes only like 20 minutes for them to thaw out.
  • I mix a tab of blood worms and brine shrimp with a tiny bit of warm water. Its thawed out in minutes.
  • As a treat, they are great. I usually hold them against the glass until they thaw a bit and stick. Then the fish just nip away, until it melts and drifts for them to “hunt”.
  • Nope, dangle them in the tank and they thaw in there, if they last that lol…my scale babies snuff em quick as!
  • Why would it matter unless you are separating the liquid out. Besides my fish eat them and most frozen foods whole.
  • I always defrost and then rinse off in a shrimp net before feeding to get rid of all that nasty water that they’ve been frozen with.
  • I’ve also wondered if there might be some gain in feeding angels Tetracichlid as opposed to Tetramin. Angels are cichlids.
  • With any frozen food I generally just toss it in, as it thaws it sinks down. I’d advise against blood worms. unless there’s a specific reason to feed this.
  • I use frozen beef hearts, I just put them in the tank and let the catfish and pleco go nuts
  • My tank? I don’t have a tank. I have this 30 tank 1k gallon fishroom thing. Beefheart sold by local shops is a gristly veiny mess. I’ve prepped hearts for fish consumption in the past; a good mix is 50% or less heart, shops rarely sell that. A better option is research beefheat recipes, there are many, and sub a good seafood for the heart. Deer heart is a valued thing among old time fish breeders, they hook up with local hunters for that particular portion.
  • Don’t waste money on them. Too many species cause bloat on. Frozen defrosted refrozen even less safe. Too many better options.
  • Had a south american red terror in young n dumb days. We put live bloodworms in tank. Rojo never ate them. Were cool tho. Like a field of red grass. Only creature rojo de ojo left alive in the tank. Killed everyone else. Was handfed tho. Would have loved this groups help back then.
  • I tried that and when it was dropped into the tank, he’d dart away. He lives of feeder fish, crays and colour less gold fish. He gets blood worms three times a week as a treat. I buy mine for only $8 for 4 packets, each packet is 7×5 blocks, one packets lasts 3 weeks generally, so he’s actually cheap to care for 🙂
    He’s going into a pond shortly.