Growing Baby Fry as Fast as Possible? What to Do?

Topic: I have successfully birth my guppy fish and now have a lot of babies. How can I grow the baby fry and as fast as possible? They seem to be growing so slow and I almost feel like I’m doing something wrong. I’m basically just feeding them the same food as I feed the parents except smaller pieces. What can I do here to make them grow faster?

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Feed them newly hatched brine shrimp twice a day and a good dry staple food once a day. If you would rather avoid the mess of a brine shrimp hatchery, baby brine shrimp are available frozen.

Since the fry will probably miss some of the food, frequent partial water changes are important. You can make a small diameter syphon with a short piece of rigid airline tubing and a long piece of flexible airline tubing. Growth rate can be improved by changing 10 percent of the water everyday or two.