Huge Tank with Pictures, Large Size Aquariums

Topic: I’m in love with huge guppy aquarium tanks. The beauty they show of just having so many fancy tales swimming around wins over my heart. I want to start a topic devoted to posting pictures of large guppy aquarium setups. I know they are somewhat rare because most breeders don’t have “beautiful” tanks but let’s see what is out there.

Posted by Mindy J:
I love large setups too. I want to upgrade my 30 gal to a 90 gal but I don’t have the room. I think that once a person has around 20 of the same species of guppies in a tank, the rest takes care of itself with breeding. They will literally just give birth constantly and feed the rest of them. It almost auto runs itself. Maybe there are more issue I don’t know.. Has anyone ran a large tank setup with lots of guppy fish?

Posted by Randy E:
I think it’s kind of funny because a bigger tank is actually easier to take care of and a lot of begetter Aquarium owners don’t understand this. I really like it when people add a lot of different species of different fancies together and it just combines this crazy rainbow of a color.

Posted by Kelley Wrainge:
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a very large tank like 120 gallon but maybe I’ve seen like a 30 gallon. It seems like kind of a waste to me because you could have a larger fish in a big expensive fish aquarium versus having times of tiny fish like guppies. Don’t get me wrong I’m a big fan of these fish but is soon as I get up 220 gallon aquarium it just kind of seems senseless to fill it with one fish that grows 2 inches long.

Posted by Andria F:
Here are the images that I found just on a Google image search some of them are a lot better than others but these are the ones that I think are the coolest. I got to say that I think what reflects how cool and Aquarium looks was smaller fish like this is the Aqua scape and how they decorated and the background is a big factor too. Not to mention the color of gravel because I’m a big believer in black gravel because it really brings out the color and your fish.

Posted by Shawn B:
I have seen a lot of breeders just use big huge Tupperware plastic containers and not even Aquarium so you rarely see them an actual class aquariums. It seems that some of the most beautiful tanks usually just consist of 20 or so guppies and that’s basically my opinion I guess.

Posted by Garret R:
I once saw a 55 gallon aquarium that was completely full of these fish and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen so I don’t know why more people don’t do it. I’m talking a couple of hundred of fish because these fish Havird small bio loads and if you have a decent filter with the cycled tank you can easily get away with a lot of them.