Lifespan or Life Expectancy of my Guppies?

Topic: I’m new to keeping guppies an I wanna know how long they live on average? What is their lifespan or life expectancy sort of say? Then the question to follow that is how can I extend their life to as long as possible? I have a 10 gallon aquarium with 5 guppies and absolutely love caring for these fish. I need some help though.

*Awarded Answer
Posted by Melissa Paterson:
new guppiesThe average lifespan for a guppy is 1-3 years. Because these fish multiply at such a rapid pace, it causes for a short life expectancy. It’s somewhat sad but that’s how Mother Nature works with some species. Even though they don’t live super long lives they are still great fish to own and very beautiful. I would advise newcomers to raise some guppy fry as an experience because it’s super fun and educational.

Posted by Brandon R:
I have found that it is really hard on these fish when you do not do an acclimation process properly. The acclimation process is when you buy the new fish and you’re going to put them in your aquarium for the first time ever. This is a pretty big deal on a fish this small because they’re not as hardy as other fish and the changes on their organs just is really drastic.

Posted by Tricia E:
I always hear people complaining about these fish and how long they live and it’s really short but if you think about it these fish are designed to live in this way. I mean they give birth every couple weeks when parameters are right and they are very small and this is just what they do. They are designed to multiply in large numbers and to live a very long life just isn’t what their suited for. You have to ask yourself this, what animals in the animal kingdom can repopulate in the same numbers as these fish and live a long lifespan? Maybe mice… Anything that multiplies at high numbers like this just doesn’t have a really long lifespan even as sad as it is.

Posted by Sarah U:
I was just wondering how long my fish were going to live because I bought them today and I really love them and it turns out that the lifespan or life expectancy is as long as I was hoping for. But I guess there’s nothing you can really do about it and if you think about it I hamster or something as small like that has the same type of expectancy to live. They are still really cool fish and I don’t have any regrets whatsoever I could just get a couple more of them as they passed away I could just get a couple more for my community tank.

Posted by Zachary K:
I keep reading these comments and I’m waiting for someone to completely lie about having their Guppy fish live for like 10 years because that would be really funny. It seems like with online dispute you always get somebody that has to lie and comment about it is just really stupid but I was waiting for and doesn’t happen yet so that’s good.

Posted by Ricky A:
The longest I have had a guppy live for is around two years. I feel that’s a pretty long time for the small of a fish and I think that the one that lived along even had babies so that’s really cool and we kept them. These fish are remarkably just fun to have as pets. I have no regrets even if they have a shorter lifespan when compared to cichlids and other fish.