Lifespan of Silver Dollars?

Topic: How long is the lifespan or life expectancy of silver dollar fish? I have 3 of them in my fish aquarium and was maybe going to get more. I really like these fish and they seem to get pretty big in size over time too! How long do they live on average in a fish aquarium? Thanks for your help.


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Megan B: That’s sort of a complex question because there are so many variables that play a roll in that equation. A tropical fish like a silver dollar could live for more than 10 years if they have a great life. A lot of fish that are in these fish aquariums don’t live that long because people either give up on taking care of the aquarium water or.. they just die of other things that happen like disease, fish aggression, anxiety, etc.

My advice to you would be to really concentrate on giving them good water quality and a healthy diet. So many people lack on these two variables and I see them as being the most important. Tropical fish shouldn’t be eating “generic flakes” everyday. Get some live food once and a while to spice things up for them. Variation is a huge deal for staying healthy. Would you like to eat the same thing everyday? No.

As far as water quality.. look into getting a water changer (if you don’t already have one) because they are a life saver. They hook up to your sink and pull water out of your aquarium and then you hit a switch and it fills the tank back up. Such good technology that saves so much headache!


Posted by Jesse K: Hey guys! I have a 120 gallon tank with a baby Oscar, 4 silver dollarsand a pleco… when I got the silver dollars they were pretty beaten up … very skinny and their fins were all riped up… they have gained weight but there fins are still in pretty bad shape… I do a 60% WC once a week …. but other then water quality is there anything I can put in the tank to help with fin regrowth? That of course won’t effect my fish that don’t have anything wrong with them… thank you!!!

  • My silver dollars have the same problem. Was doing frequent water changes but never got much regrowth:(
  • Awe 🙁 one of them is perfect! One has a curl in his tail but the other two have big gashes outta their tails and top fins… I don’t know what else to do 🙁 is there a medication that won’t hurt my Oscar and pleco that will help the silver dollars.
  • I totally understand that lol I just take videos now cause my fish never stay still long enough for my crappy phone to focus lol
  • Maybe check the food they are getting and see if u can find something better recommended for them. I don’t know much about silver dollars but I know diet plays a role in the well being of all creatures.
  • I seriously regret getting any fish from where I got them! I swear every fish I get Is sick! Or has something wrong with them… almost all my silver dollars have terribly roped fins. .. I got an Oscar that died withing 7 days… I got another Oscar that was blind 🙁 then I finally gave up on the store and now I have a healthy Oscar and I’m trying to get my silvers there too.
  • They eat omega one veggie kelp pellets as a staple… with algae wafers and cucumber… and they also eat my Oscars food… I can’t keep them away from it but it’s all high quality food he gets krill, bug bites and color enhancing cichlid pellets.
  • I think API makes something that helps called Pima fix or Prima fix. It’s supposed to be a preventative for things like this but I’ve had someone tell me it can help heal and re grow but it was a petco employee so it’s probably BS.
  • Yah I don’t know 8f I trust pet Co at all… I have melafix by api..m it’s men to treat bacterial infections but it says it repairs damaged fins and open wounds and promotes tissue and find regrowth… would it be safe to use with my Oscar being perfectly healthy.