How Much Light ? Amount of Light Each Day….

Topic: I now have a light setup for my guppy tank. How light each day should my guppies receive is my question? Should I just leave the light on all night? That would be easiest for me so I don’t forget it on days. I’m a bit puzzled on what to do here. I want my guppies to be healthy and stable. Thanks for helping.

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Posted by Danny K:
guppy lightWhen keeping aquarium fish, always try to imitate what their natural habitat is. For guppy fish lighting, that means stick to a real life schedule of what day and night actually are. I found that buying a timer to turn off and on my lights works the best. That way I don’t forget to turn them on when I sleep in late and so forth. Stick to a real schedule of actual nightfall and sunrise would be and your fish will be happy.

Posted by Derek E:
Buying a timer for my aquarium lights was the best $10 I ever spent. I Sleeping in past noon and I felt really bad because my fish were seeing there in the darkness for that many hours it really wasn’t fair to them. I would highly advise a person to use a timer and just figure out how much light you want to give your fish. For guppy fish I’m thinking that any type of lighting is going to work as long as you can give them a substantial amount during the day so that they can have clear visibility. I would advise going with the fluorescent set up or else and LED just because they use less power and they give off a lot of light.

Posted by Eric J:
They have so many different types of lighting for aquariums now that it would make your head spin so if you’re trying to keep it simple maybe just go with the LED light. They sell a bunch of different setups at Walmart and like somebody else stated as long as you give them 12 hours of darkness in 12 hours of light you’re going to be good to go. Although what you should probably do is figure out their natural habitat sunset and set it to that time and just go with that.

Posted by Sarah B:
You can buy these small little sensor things that you put in a windowsill and when it sees daylight it turns the plug on for the power to your aquarium light. This ensures that when the actual sunlight comes up where you live that’s when the aquarium light comes on it’s very helpful. I think we’re all guilty as charged when it comes to sleeping in and forgetting to turn on your aquarium light so it’s kind of a big deal if you can just get that figured out quickly and your fish will greatly appreciated.

Posted by Brandie T:
Realistically the most healthy thing for the fish would be to get a fluorescent light that replicates actual sunlight. Because if fish can absorb actual sunlight like they would in natural habitat, it is much healthier. And if you really want to make your tank a lot healthier you could even look at getting some life plants that help and oxygen to the water. If you can somehow set up UV set up it’s going to be a lot better and you might as well just get a couple easy plants that only take a low amount of light.