Nicrew LED Light Good for Plants?

Topic: Is the Nicrew LED light a good choice for growing live plants? I see that it’s a popular choice on amazon and need a descent light. What is the PAR rating for this light on plants? Thanks for your help.


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Posted by Brandon V: The Nicrew is not that great for growing plants. I would highly advise buying a Finnex Stingray light instead! They have been around for SO LONG and do amazing. The light your talking about is just a chinese made LED that is better for tanks with only fish in then. If you want good plants.. buy a finnex stingray (they’re a budget line light that do well). Here is a link to one on amazon:

Finnex Stingray Aquarium LED Light, 20-Inch
List Price: $43.90
Price: $43.90
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  • I’ve been using this for both my low tech and high tech planted aquariums. It grows both Monte Carlo and crypts. I can vouch for this light, it works much better than any “beams work” I’ve tried. I have two for 20gal planted and a longer one for my 48″ aquarium. I switched from the planted+ 24/7 because it was making buzzing sounds and I’m happier with the cheaper nicrew 😄
  • You would have been a lot better off ordering the 20″-27″ light that way the light covers the whole tank and you dont have to rely on the flimsy supports which barely reach
  • If a planted aquarium, get the 20-27″. I have a 10G as well. Can get a bit of algae if you run all 72 LEDs on, but you can use some electrical tape to cover some LEDs to reduce output or just reduce the photo period (time the light is on).
  • I also have this light and had similar ‘problem’ with the support rods not being long enough, they only just spanned my tank. All they are is 4 pieces of wire, each one bent at 90 degrees and inserted into the plastic end pieces. I removed mine from the plastic ends and replaced them with knitting needles. I chose these because they are aluminium and coated with plastic so are inert and will not rust or corrode. Putting a 90 degree bend in them is easy enough just using a pair of pliers. You can buy needles of the correct diameter up to about 18 inches long and they are pretty cheap. I now have this light spanning my 24 inch tank but there is no reason why you could not safely span well over 3 feet.

Posted by Nick G: I would have to agree that the Nicrew light is bad for growing live plants! I bought a fluval light after already making the mistake of buying the Nicrew…. It’s a bright light.. but not good for growing plants.

  • i have a tank with dimensions at 36 1/4 x 12 5/8 x 19 3/4, im planning to have a planted aquarium.. will 2 of this work? or is 1 enough already?
  • i see.. and it will work if i were to choose any type of plants? coz i’m new to aquascaping, and i’ve read that certain lighting behave differently when it comes to plants.. low lights, medium, etc? will this type of light give me that diverse options? if i were to choose among those different type of plants?
  • Just what I needed to help me decide to get this light, esp re: the plants, thank you. That tank is gorgeous, where did you source your hardscape? I love the hillstream loaches too, I was considering trying a stream-type tank – what filter are you using to get the riveresque flow in that tank?
  • Thank you! I have a aquaclear 75g filter along with a hydor 595 circulation pump; the hillstream loaches are awesome, they are always grazing for algae which is always available because of the light! All of my rocks and the brown gravel come from a nearby lake, and underneath I have a layer of eco complete red
  • Thanks for this video! I’ve been contemplating over some light fixtures and this was one of the choices. I decided to order these for my 40g breeder tank I’m working on at the moment. Love them vids buddy! 🙂 until next time take it easy!