Penguin 200 Filter Review?

Topic: Is the penguin 200 a good filter? I need someone’s review on this filter. I was told to buy a marineland penguin filter because they’re awesome quality and also super cheap. My aquarium is a 40 gallon and the penguin 200 would be a perfect fit. I need penguin 200 reviews! Thanks for your help.


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Nick W: The bio-wheel filters have been amazing filters in the industry for decades! You can’t go wrong with buying any of them. The most common mistake people make is by changing the bio-wheel. You need to leave the same one in the filter and let it get gross and nasty.. that’s where all the “good” bacteria grows. I have 14 aquariums and run bio-wheel filters on all my tanks. Amazon usually has the cheapest pricing on them. Here is the link to the 200 series:


Posted by Ashley V: I have a 350 andI loved it at first but now after close to a year I ask myself everyday if I should pitch it get a new one or move on to a totally different filter.

  • I have a 350 and an aqua clear 70 on my 55 gallon. How do you thin aquaclear stacks up compared to Marineland?
  • If the bio-wheels are full of bacteria then I vote Marineland ALL DAY LONG.



  • Here’s my 60 gallon planted community tank:XL grain white sand & Malaysian driftwood, Fluval E300 heater, Fluval Q2 air pump, Sunsun HW-304B canister, Marineland 200 HOB, 2 Hikari XL sponge filters, DIY 48″ SMD5050 LED light, DIY co2
  • 37 gallon .. but it has a small chip on outside corner of tank holds water fine though … Fluorescent light, Brand new never opened Marineland 200watt heater , Fluval aquaclear 70 filter , chemicals all 3/4 full if not full on some , 2 different kinds of gravel , decorations , food, gravel vac.

Marineland 200 Stops Working..

Posted by Bobby J: Question of the day. My marineland 200 keeps cutting off. It’ll work for about 24 hours or so… And then just quit. Motor still running, just not taking in any water.

  • Probably need a new impeller I’d look into the fluval impeller tricks something about vasoline
  • I have two of these that did the same thing after not very long in use. I have them sitting in my “back-up” supply closet, with the intention to try and fix them someday.
  • If you don’t have sand, it’s the impeller. Put some vaseline on it
  • Check the rubber piece on your impeller. If it’s gone then it won’t spin. Most pet stores sell replacement parts,
  • sometimes the impellers get stuff on the magnets that keep the magnetic field isolated or the impeller has seperated from the shaft and magnet and does not spin at same rate.
  • sometimes the impellers get stuff on the magnets that keep the magnetic field isolated or the impeller has seperated from the shaft and magnet and does not spin at same rate.
  • Take apart and clean out the return tube and make sure there isn’t trash caught inside right by the motor. Mine did this and a leaf made its way past the grille and sealed it up tight. Took me forever to figure it out.
  • Nope.
    It runs.. I realized it was off, motor felt hot.
    So I took the impeller out and turned it off.
    Put the impeller back in and turned it back on. Running normally again.
  • The impeller needs to be replaced. with age the impeller shaft looses its grip on the magnet or the impeller itself. So the magnet end up spinning and the impeller is barely moving.This might be the one for your filter.
  • I have this pump, and it’s been very reliable until I switched over to a sand substrate. Now the sand is getting in and damaging the impeller.
  • yes the finer the substrate the harder it is on all pumps if gets picked up in there suction. Sand is an abrasive. on top of that larger sand particles van get between working parts and jam them up. I use fine red flint filter gravel in my tanks. It is fine but no wheres near the fineness of sand.

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  • Following items for sale:- 10 gallon tank $10
    – Marineland 200 HoB Filter (no media) $20
    – 10lbs Live Rock (decent amount of coraline algae) $30
    – 15-20lbs Live Sand $10
    – 2x Hydor 425gph Power heads $15 ea
    – 50 watt temp control heater $10
    – 3w Actinic Solar Flare $10

    – 2x small clown fish (Normal) $10 ea
    – 2x small clown fish (Clark’s) $10 ea
    – 3x 3″ Columbian cat sharks $10 ea

    – 2.5 Gallon Tank + Filter
    – 5lbs live sand
    – 4-7lbs live rock
    – Air pump
    – Asking $30 for entire thing


  • Hey I know we are a Oscar fish group, but Can any one help me out here??? So I bought this large Jack Dempsey last Wednesday, I’ve tried every thing to feed him from; flakes, pellets, brine-shrimp, crickets, and even fresh tilapia but nothing seems to work. The frickin thing wont eat nothin.
  • I got the fish from a local fish store, and they said he had to small feeders in his tank for a few days before I got him. Plus I just lost one of my Oscars due to a internal parasite. So now I wont even bother with em.
  • Maybe it suck? Intestinal parasites?? Try general cure ,salt, melafix,prime when you do water changes… following directions on the meds ….if he’s not eating there is something internal going on….is he pooping at all? If he is is his poop white ?
  • UNS 120U Rimless Journal Entry #12Doors & Cabinet Lighting!

    I spent some time working on the stand over the past couple weeks. When I could find time I’d do a little bit here and there. I went with a shaker style door which turned out great. I constructed it out of 1×4 pine and MDF plywood. Screw & glue, mud & sand, prime & paint.

    Basically, everything is complete with the exception of a few small items. I still need to route the plumbing which unfortunately is going to pop out of the left side of the stand. I’m going to make a dedicated cut out for the intake pipe. It’s difficult to explain, but I’ll post a an entry with with a picture once I’m done.

    As far as design goes, I think I’m going to take a step back in that area. I can’t seem to pull a good design together. Usually I have no issue with this. If I can’t figure something out, I’ll likely go Dutch again and focus on growing and propagating plants. I’ve always enjoyed that.

  • Welllll……I just said ‘wow, this group is really getting pleasant’ on a pretty gnarly thread…and promptly got kicked. And whatever else, cause now I can’t even find the group, lol. By Ashley apparently.
  • Kicked and blocked. They’re 0 tolerance now. I took all the level headed people with me. One of their new lil 12 yr old mods messaged me last night to call me an ugly lesbian for kicking him
  • wow. Ok, well there were some really nasty comments on that thread, so mine was actually tame, but she specifically called me out on it to let me know that it was not the ‘group’ …..right before she kicked and blocked me. So I think there’s more to it than just the comment, lol.

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