Pingkay Canister Filter Review?

Topic: Does anyone have a pingkay canister filter? I just bought one on amazon because they are super cheap and have really good reviews. Hopefully it was a good choice. Does anyone else own this filter? Whats your review or do you have any tricks? Never really heard of the Pingkay brand..


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Posted by Nick E: One company makes all these canister filters that look similar to that one. They are super cheap and run actually pretty good! One thing to watch out for is the cheap plastic trays.. sometimes they break. I own 3 of these filters and really love them. I would advise other people thinking about buying this filter to buy the 5 stage series because it’s way more POWERFUL. It’s easy to mix the two up.. one is just a tad bit more money. Here is a link:


Posted by Ashley G: Question. I’ve got several canister filters where the pumps have stopped working. I just ordered a new canister filter and was thinking it would be nice to daisychain the canister filters together to get more media exposure. Has anyone done this and has it been successful? I’ve got 2 spare Fluva 404’s I could put prior to the new canister filter that I’m getting. New canister filter I’m getting. Pingkay Free Media 5-stage External Canister Filter with 9-watt Uv Sterilizer, 525 GPH.

  • The issue is flow. You will GREATLY reduce your flow rate. I wouldn’t recommend it personally.
  • It comes down to pressure, the motor isn’t meant to move that much water. Unless your pump is 4x bigger than it needs to be I think that you just won’t move water fast enough. Again still just my opinion lol. I’ve thought about it trust me.

Posted by Grant B: My 3rd canister filter stopped working after many years! I Just ordered this, what are your thoughts? Pingkay Free Media 5-stage External Canister Filter with 9-watt Uv Sterilizer, 525 GPH

  • Sounds good hope it works well for you.
  • It looks just like my aquatop filter-I love mine.
  • I got a sun sun looks the same from eBay. I LOVE IT my goldfish are doing great! ! So glad I switched !
  • It’s like the SunSun brand. I had two! Filters worked great, just be careful as the plastics are fragile!
  • agree with bonedaddy have had one for 12 months with no problems ,but just treat it carefully because some bits are a bit dodgy.
  • yep dead quiet but having said that im a bit deaf ,but my OH never says its noisy.
  • is it the same filter in your neck of the woods ,I mean is it APS or do you import
  • right ok ,in the uk a lot of people love them and a lot of people hate them ,they are about 50% cheaper than big names like eheim etc but you can get ones that might be dodgy but if your lucky ,like me you can end up with a really good filter

Posted by Megan D: If you can’t get spare parts for it, avoid them…. especially when you can’t have spare seals on hand for canister filters.

  • Rare exotic or endangered fish for a 30g? It’s empty, looking to fill it with either community or one fish, doesn’t matter I just want something rare or endangered! Any ideas?
  • Do some Apistos.
    Are you wanting to breed these fish or just keep something different and/Or rare?
    Most clubs have preservation programs where rare or endangered fish are distributed to members for care. Have you considered this?
  •  I mean if breeding happens that’s awesome, I would love to breed them! I don’t know of any conservation programs or how to go about actually doing that but that would be really cool!
  •  Tetraodon Schoutedeni, they were missing from the hobby for 30 years and just popped back up recently. You can even keep them with other small peaceful fish.
  • My focus for plecos will be L046 TBH. I’d like to breed them before the go extinct from the wild in the next year or so.
  • ok, some of you might remember me saying someone gave me a 300 gallon tank? well, it’s here. the bottom is cracked. it looks like it broke where it was drilled through the bottom and the single crack moved in one direction from the back of the tank, to the front. it should be a simple fix. either patch it with a large piece of thick glass from front to back possibly epoxied in, then reseal the tank, or I could just have the bottom panel replaced. replacement would be expensive, but not near what the tank is worth.
    so, I have three options, the two listed above, or a third, simply sell the tank and stand and buy something more reasonable for a house. I don’t really have room for a tank and stand that is over 9 feet anyway. the tank is in decent shape except for the crack. the stand needs work but is sturdy. what would a fair price be for it? (read that, good deal for someone, but decent for me too) thats my review on the pinkay canister filter.
  • Betta fanatics:We have been telling customers about our big order coming in this week. However, we were not informed that the only inspector available this week was on vacation. This means the huge betta shipment is delayed another week.Who thinks they should hire some more inspectors? 😁😁

    We do however have some other fish shipments coming in this week.

    Thank you for your patience!!

    (Pictured below is a gorgeous Blue Dragon Female HMPK betta, plenty of top quality HMPK still in store)

  • This happen to my pearlscale goldfish and he died within 2 days. Could be he is constipated, if he is dying he will start to shed a lot of slime. Anal prolapse is usually red.
  • he best idea I had after looking up some things, would be like mentioned above with possibly eating a shell or something that is having a hard time being passed. Happy to hear some improvement, keep us updated!  I also agree with feeling it, you need to net the puff while underwater (use a wall to enclose him with the net, then feel it) we can get a lot further with that info. Also,
    Puffers do get chunks of shell stuck inside them, it’s by no means rare. However for a shell that size to block his rectum, means he would have had to swallow something whole that’s still “shell on” and you know what he eats better than us!