How Much Cost or Price? What’s Expected

Topic: I’ve kept guppies in the past with great luck and I want to get some more. I have a 20 gallon aquarium and I’m setting it up right now. My question is how much do guppies cost on average? I can’t remember what I paid years ago and I want to get a bunch of them too. What is a good price or cost to count on for buying these fish. Thanks to those that help.

*Awarded Answer
Posted by Danny K:
guppies plantThe average guppy that you buy at your local fish shop is going to cost a couple of U.S. dollars each. As long as your not buying rare species lines that are worth hundreds for “breeding” purposes they will be pretty cheap. And the fact that these fish breed so often makes them even easier to get for cheap. If you get into some online forums and clubs you will be able to eventually find these fish for very cheap if not even free if your willing to take baby fry.

If your willing to be patient, you could just start out with buying 4 guppies and letting them breed to have more. If you do a little research on how to raise the baby fry, you can have tons of guppies for a very low cost and it’s super fun to raise the babies. I would highly suggest it if you have children too because I personally feel it gives children great moral values to raise babies like this but that’s my personal opinion. Hopefully that helps you some. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Posted by Kevin Nash:
If you live in a large city, go to some online forums and search for sections where fish are sold. A lot of guppy keepers have the problem of having too many fish and they need to give them away.

Posted by Tricia Rayse:
If you go to your local fish shop you should only have to count on paying a couple of dollars per fish. That is of course using US currency and not another country because I’m not sure how tough desire to find another countries. I bought some just the other day here in Florida for a couple dollars apiece and they’re very nice colored ones that are pretty popular.

Posted by Shawn Mathews:
When you’re buying guppies it breaks down to how exotic the species is and what and where they came from. I’ve seen a single guppy sell for $300 but that was a very rare species and breeders were fighting over the fish. In most cases though, guppies are very common and easy to find for cheap.

Posted by Sarah Noodah:
I like the fact that people are telling you to try to induce the fact of trying to take care of some babies because it’s an awesome thing to do. I couldn’t agree more with that statement because I feel it’s one of the coolest things ever done in my life and I still enjoy ten years later.

Posted by Danielle R:
I like to wait for them to go on sale for $1 a piece and then I will buy like 20 of them for my huge community tank. Their bio-load is so small that they are easy to bulk up in large numbers. Plus they look awesome in huge numbers. If a person is spending $5 a fish I feel that is way too much. These fish breed so fast and that shouldn’t be happening but I do see beginners make the mistake.

Posted by Ken Xiung:
The real question here is what type of fish your getting. There are guppies that are ugly and not much “fancy” to even be considered and then there beautiful bright and vibrant colored ones.