Python vs Aqueon Water Changer?

Topic: I am in search of a python water changer review? I am sick of using buckets to change the water in my fish aquarium. Is the python better than the aqueon brand? I know one costs a little bit more money? Need help.


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Posted by Megan K: I have been in the industry for a long time and owned both brand water changers multiple times. The Python water changer is a better product than the Aqueon. It is a little more expensive but I feel it’s WORTH IT.

The main difference in the two products is the hose is way better quality on the python. And the hose is a big deal because your constantly wrapping it up and reusing it. The adapters are the next better thing. Python does a better job. They are a harder plastic and some of the pythons come with a brass adapter. I’ve had the threads strip out on the aqueon multiple times. Buy a Python and don’t look back


Posted by Ashley Y: I’ve been looking at getting a python and I’m a little confused how it works. From what I understand, you hook it up to a faucet and that will put water in the tank. How does it remove water? Will I still need to tote buckets?

  • I love mine. You hook it up to the faucet and if you flip the drain nozzle one way it sucks water out of the tank, flip it the other and it pours water into the tank. No buckets.
  • How does it suck it out? What makes the water leave?
  • Lock valve one direction it blocks flow of water so it goes down the hose to fill the tank. Turn the valve the opposite way it opens and the water drains directly into the sink creating a suction.
  • Oh. I get it. My parents would not be keen about dumping fish water in the sink, is there a way to hook some tubing up to it to dump it in the toilet?
  • I disconnect it at the valve I just put it in the tub in a bucket let it over flow what if ypu suck up a fish. So I just use it like a regular siphon. Then hook the valve to it and pump the water back into the tank.
  • Not on the Python, but you could probably make a similar device with supplies from the local plumbing store.
  • You can use the hose and start a siphon yourself and drain the water anywhere you want to. Then just use the sink fitting to fill the tank.
  • I would do anything possible to avoid buckets in a 55 gallon lol. I’d run it out a window.
  • I thought the python had to be attached to something to drain the water.
  • No. You can use any hose to create a siphon.
  • Without the special sink fitting to create the vacuum then the Python hose is just a hosr.
  • the special sink fitting is a water bed drain/fill kit. $10 from ebay/Amazon. A lot cheaper than a branded Python part that does the same job.
    Lots of DIY vids on YouTube. I made mine for $15
  • Yes I’m aware you can make them cheaper. You can also make them from plumbing fittings some people would rather just pay then spend the time gather material and building it themselves.
  • The python is a life changer no matter if you have a 10 gallon or 300 gal


Posted by David E: The hose is a lot cheaper on the Aqueon. What I had to do with mine is go to the hardware store and buy a different hose because that one it comes with sucks.. Wish I would of bought the Python.

  • python-water-changer-reviewYes you just have to slow it down on smaller tanks or you’ll have 80% of the water out before you’re done cleaning substrate.
  • I don’t see why you couldn’t take off the valve on the end of the python and use a hose clamp and larger hose to redirect it to a toilet or tub. But why? It’s in a sink.
  • I take off the valve on the end and drain it outside on to plants and garden. The plants love the tank water.
  • No buckets. You hook to the sink and the suction from turning the water on will either pull water out of the tank or add water to the tank depending on which option you want. Watch a video or two on YouTube. The big als pets video is very good and explains everything in detail. I’ve got one and it is amazing. I would also suggest buying the hook from Amazon as well. You will not regret this purchase.


Posted by Nick H: Cat bit a hole in my python hose. Tried and true fixes for a small puncture?

  • I was reading online about cutting it… But I worry that might create more problems than a pin size hole? I’ve only had this thing like 2 weeks. Damn cat grrrrr
  • Thanks guys. Now I just have to find the hole again lol. Luckily she bit it with the clean water going thru and not the dirty water. Silver lining!!
  • there is a tape you can use on pipes to temporarily stop leaks.. a maintenance dude came in to fix a leak and used a crap load of that tape like 6 months ago and it has held up pretty well lmao.. I just hope he comes to fix the pipes before it gets worse or something and I end up with water all over the floor…
  • The only true way to fix it is cut it and use a barb. If you seal it from the outside water pressure will make it leak in the future. Since it is flexible you will never get a perfect seal any other way, they will work loose over time. I used to be a maintenance man.
  • Yes agreed you can get a barbed coupler at HD or lowes or even better your local Hardware store.

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