Review: Top Fin Air Pump 8000

Topic: I’m thinking about ordering the top fin air pump 8000. What is your review on these air pumps? It seems like they would put out a lot of air. Are the top fin air pumps good quality? Anyone know the specs in comparison to other pumps on the market? Need help here. Thanks!


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Posted by Jessica B: These top fin pumps are super powerful and I have a bunch of them powering multiple tanks. It’s nice because they have a dial on top of the pumps where you can dial down the air amount. I would highly advise the pumps. Mine have been running for years and even if they get old.. I can just turn the dial up and they just keep pumping air! Amazon has the best price I have found and shipping is fast.. here is the link:


Posted by Nathan F: These pumps are way more powerful than any of my other pumps. You really can’t ask for more out of a pump.. It just pumps air.. its powerful.. it’s quite.. and it gets the job DONE! I have 8 aquariums running and I have two of these pumps running right now. I’m a happy customer and would buy another one in a heartbeat. How can you beat the price either? top fin air pump 8000 review is going to be 5 plus stars.


Posted by Alisha B: Anyone have a Top Fin air pump? Reviews? I wanted a Whisper one, but the only one left had a banged up box. I bought it anyway, and it’s damaged – much louder than my other Whisper pump, so I’ll be returning or exchanging it. Anyway, are the Top Fin air pumps decent?

  • I have had mine for a few years now and it still works. I have used mine to power those mini 3 gallon filters, 2-3 at a time. I read noise complaints when I was looking at reviews, but it is no more noisy to me than any other air pump. It needs to sit flat and not be up against anything or you will get vibration sounds.
  • I have two and I think they vibrate quite a bit. I ended up taping one to the side of a tank to keep it quiet. Maybe you will have better luck.
  • Works fine, had mine for 7 months now. Nothing special and you can’t control how strong it is but it’s functional.
  • Mine is good too. Semi loud, but not anything you wouldn’t expect. I have mine tucked under a recliner chair and it doesn’t bother me. It’s claims it only works for up to 5 gallons, but mine is actually hooked up to 6 gallons split three ways and still works well.
  • Hi all, I’m usually a lurker but lately one of my two comets has come down with something I believe is out of my understanding. I am a beginner so bare with me and my mistakes. 😛 I’ll give you a run down of my little family.


    3 – top fin air pump4 months ago I was sort of forced upon two gold fish my brother was given from hi friend. He didn’t provide the proper accommodations (1 litre bowl each) so on that day, I took it upon myself to do a little research and provide them with some essentials (which were all suggested by the pet store):

    – 65 litre tank
    – Seachem Prime and Stability
    – gravel and filter
    – goldfish flakes
    – syphon

    Every day since, I had cleaned out 15% to 20% of the water which i then replaced the water with Prime and Stability and fed them flakes twice (i soaked them in tank water before feeding) and they looked happier than ever. They would perk up when they see me, doing their little food dance and head butt each other during feeding and swim around during the day and float during the night when they sleep.

    Throughout the months I continued to do more research while growing very attached to them. 😊
    I found out that 65 litres is not enough and that I needed to cycle the tank. (I plan on buying them a 150 litre tank once I get enough money). I purchased an air pump and air stone for extra oxygen (to this day I still don’t know if it provides substantial oxygenation) and a few silk plants for them to swim around. Every day they would gulp at the surface (I knew it was an issue but never thought it serious) and one had swim bladder issues. Fed him some peas and that was the end of that. I never did get around to cycling the tank 3 months ago but I was never sure if it ever cycled. (Never had a test kit)


    This month though, things have been different. During nights they will sleep on the gravel or float. It is random and I didn’t think much of it since it happened during the nights.

    This week things took a turn. The bigger comet suddenly stopped being active and wouldn’t eat his food. He would eat some, spit it out, try again then spit it out without trying again until next feeding. He also has heavy fast breathing. The smaller comet was fine and acting his normal self and eating normally. I diagnosed it as ammonia poisoning or internal infection due to the sleeping near the top of the tank, breathing heavy, not eating and the black lines on his tails and fins. I panicked when he remained the same after a few days so I bought a test kit (very expensive) and pima fix yesterday which alleviated my worries.

    I tested my water, there was no signs of my tank being cycled. PH: 7.6. Ammonia: 0.25. The rest 0. The bigger comet started to get sick the moment I introduced the cleaned filter sponge and stopped using Seachem Stability. I had issues with my filter not working properly but once I squeezed out the debris and dirty water out with the tank water (daily changed water), the water started flowing properly through the filter. It was a little cloudy once the water flowed through. I didn’t think much of it then.


    Today I did a 50% water change before adding pima fix. As soon as I added the pimafix, both fish fins clamped with heavy breathing and they both sat on the gravel within seconds of introduction. As soon as I saw this happen, I panicked and siphoned 80% of the water out and replaced it with new dechlorinated water.

    As soon as the new water was in the tank, they both started swimming around again. That was very scary. I fed them a little bit an hour after. My small fish eats normally but fins are clamped. Same situation with the bigger sick one but he isn’t breathing as heavily. He did eat a little bit after not eating for 4 days.

    At the moment it is night and theyre both sleeping near the top of the tank, their fins clamped but both are much better than when I used pima fix.


    1. Would my tank had been cycled and me cleaning the filter (thought my filter never cycled) destroyed the beneficial bacteria within, causing an ammonia spike? When I stopped using Seachem Stability, would it cause the ammonia spike or my fish getting sick?

    2. Could I have overdosed the fish from what I explained? I used 5ml per 40 litres. My tank being undersized at 65, I gave exactly 5ml but maybe a little bit more.

    3. Has anyone had issues with Pimafix before? Was the affects on my two comets intended?

    4. Does anyone have anymore tips for me?


    These two are becoming a big part of my family and everyday I worry they will die but more so the bigger sick one. I miss the happy faces they give me when I visit them in the morning and I’m hoping I can get them through this horror. Soon I will be getting a 150 litre tank so hopefully I can get them out of that tank and get the new home right for them now I have researched. For now, I’m hoping I can stabilize the fish’s health. Not the best someone can do but with my current life style I will slowly get it right. So any help would suffice and thanks for the dealing with this massive read.

  • I’m right there with you. How did you “clean” your filter?
    I’ve been taught that bacteria should always be added with a water change to replenish the bacteria. (And someone correct me if I’m wrong) You should continue using Stability regularly.
    I don’t know much about pimafix other than its more for fungal issues in tropical fish, not sure if its safe for goldfish.
    Good luck!
  • I am not certain pimafiz is safe for anything. I don’t recommend using anything with fix in the name myself. That is a personal choice as I used to use one and it killed a tankful of guppies. Definitely get a larger tank for your fish, you can even use a larger tub like you get from Walmart. I wouldn’t recommend changing the filter at all unless you absolutely have to because its damaged or something. Rinse it out in dirty tank water that’s in your bucket after every change though. I have never heard anyone say to add bb after each eater change myself. Zachary, you said you soak their fish flakes? Why and in what??
  • The large Rubbermaid bins that people use for storing clothes in a closet will work fine and a rule with goldfish is to use five times the filtration you’ll actually need. My personal rule anyhow and it works quite well. If you have a fifty gallon tank use enough filter for five times that. I use a forty gallon tank and have the filters for two hundred gallon tank. It is the only reason I am able to keep them OK. Also you may be doing too many water changes. Test first and maybe get on a water cleaning schedule.
  • Pimafix will do nothing but irritate the fish to produce more slimecoat for protection. Don’t recommend it. Your main issue is you are not changing enough water. As noted above storage totes are cheap, and make great temporary homes, though have seen some make lovely little ponds out of them. Some of them can also hold the HOB filters on the side without buckling. Goldfish are poop machines and produce tons of ammonia. In the tank you have, you need to be doing 80-90% W/C daily. Your good BB is in your filter, and you did great by rinsing it out with tank water. I would take everything out of that tank though to give them all the room to swim in. It also sounds like they have flukes, so you may want to treat for them as well. Good luck.