Setup a Guppy Fry Tank?

Topic: My guppies just gave birth to some new baby fry. I used a breeder box to catch the babies. We want to raise some of the fry but need to setup a separate tank. What should the setup look like for raising fry in the aquarium? I will go buy all new supplies tomorrow. Do I need another aquarium filter or don’t I have to use one with such small fish? Please help me figure this out.

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Posted by Sarah N:
You basically have to setup an aquarium for baby fry the same exact way you would setup your regular tank. That means all the same materials needed.

#1 Important Variable to Remember

Your new fry tank needs to be cycled just like any other fish tank. A trick to jump start that cycle is to take your aquarium filter from your other tank and use it on the new fry tank. That filter has “beneficial bacteria” growing in it and will make your new tank healthy for fish right away. Maybe let that filter run through all the water in your new tank for a couple of hours. You can also steal the filter paper out of your old filter and put that in a new filter. Same idea essentially.

Use an Air Pump and Sponge Filter

Regular aquarium filters are too powerful for small baby fry. They will just get sucked into the filter intake and die. Use an air pump setup with a sponge filter on the end of the air pump. It’s best if you use the sponge filter in your established aquarium setup for a while to let the bacteria grow on that sponge. That way the sponge can carry over that cycled bacteria to the new baby fry tank. Here is a

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and here is what a sponge filter looks like

Aquarium Heater

Many people forget that the babies need heated water just like the parents do. Keep the water at the same temperature as what the parents in your main tank setup need. If your fish are tropical that range needs to be between 74-82 degrees Fahrenheit roughly.

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Gravel and Lighting

fryI like to think that large gravel pieces are good for hiding places for small fry babies but some people think the fish get squished in between the rocks. I don’t think that could happen unless a person was moving the rocks around physically but I can see where tat idea might hold truth. As far as lighting your tank… anything really works. I would just advise to keep the light schedule for natural living style. For example, the sun sets at around 8pm and so should your fish’s schedule.

Water Clarity is Key

New born babies need clean water and it’s simple to understand. They are in the heaviest growth session of their lives and need the best habitat parameters available. I advise 40% water changes every couple of days. It’s tough to do water changes with a siphon hose and not have the tiny fry go into the hose. I usually try to keep the end of the siphon hose at the surface of the water because the fry usually spend their time hiding near the bottom.

*Note: Don’t forget water conditioner for your newly added water too!

Posted by Darren K:
Don’t forget about the food too. You can always just crush up the normal food into tiny particles for the babies. I always use the same type of food except in smaller particles so their smaller mouths can physically consume it. Maybe that will help you some on feeding them.

Posted by Jake P:
One of the biggest factors are going to watch out for is to make sure that when you set up a new aquarium you need to make sure that it is established with some beneficial bacteria. What you could always do is go and buy a new aquarium filter and use your old filter for the new tank and that would jump start the new cycle for the new tank. I’m sure that you’ve maybe been looking for a reason to upgrade your aquarium filter anyway right?