Silver Dollar Fish Tank Mates?

Topic: I have 4 silver dollar fish in my 55 gallon aquarium. What are some good tank mates or companions that would work for silver dollars? I know these fish are sort of “skittish” so I want the new fish to be a good fit. Need some help here. Thanks for your time.

*Awarded Answer
Posted by Nick H: People are going to try and tell you that Silver Dollars can’t be kept with most tropical fish but.. that’s wrong. These fish are super tough and are part of the Piranha family (in a way). I’ve kept them with smaller cichlids, any type of gourami fish, and even very large Oscar fish. They are one of the most popular tank mates for oscar fish… doesn’t that tell you something right there! Oscars get huge and are mean.  Silver dollars can hold their own. They are super fast swimmers and I would say you can keep them with anything you buy at your generic large pet stores like Petco and PetSmart.

Posted by Ashley H: Silver dollars limit your possible community fish. I 2nd adding some more tetras, you’d be surprised how.much cooler they look in shoals. I have 30 pygmy cories in a 100gallon and they’re cooler than my threadfins and GBRs now. But I would consider some apistogramma maybe?

  • I don’t agree with that! I’ve kept silver dollars with tons of tropical fish. Smaller cichlids and even some larger ones.
  • Needing some ideas peaceful fish to add to my tank. I’ve never had much luck with mollies and platys but I currently have a 55 gallon with 3 silver dollars, 3 dojos (never come out from under the substrate unless to eat) 3 Buenos Aires tetras and a pleco.
  • hat type of pleco and I’d suggest adding some more tetras because they like to school with 6+ fish.
  • It’s just a common pleco from walmart. I have had him since he was about 2 inches long and now he is about 14 inches. I’m looking for unique community fish.
  • You’ll need to upgrade your pleco in the future. They can reach 2 feet long and need over 100 gallons.


Posted by Yaong H: Hey guys! I’ve been treating my silver dollars for about 2 weeks now with stress coat and almost a week with malafix becomes there fins are all torn up (they were like that when I got them) they eat about 2 times a day (more if my bf feeds them treats) and I’ve been doing water changes 2-3 times a week… what else can I do to help them without deserving my oscar? I have been getting very minimal results :/ otherwise they are very healthy and happy.

  • The growth takes a long time. I have two long finned zebra danios that are just starting to have noticible growth. Lost their tails in a fight with a fin-nipper that’s been removed. But it’s been almost two months, with stress coat and water changes…
    Patience is key. They’re still eating and otherwise happy, so I’d just relax and keep doing what you’re doing.
  • OK! How long should I do the malafix treatment?
  • I’ve never used malafix, so I’m not sure. I’m just doing water changes and stress coat. So in no help for that point.. sorry
  • Malafix is not going to help you any. Indian almond leaf, or black water extract will help, though you’re water will look like tea. Fins take months to grow back and the best course of action to prevent fin rot is keeping the water warm and pristine.
  • They don’t have fun rot and have never had it as far as I know… something in the tank at the pet store ripped apart their fins…. and the malafix is the only thing I’ve been seeing a result with.