Are Silver Dollars Aggressive?

Topic: I have a 55 gallon fish aquarium? Are Silver Dollar fish aggressive towards other tropical fish? I want to get some more fish but I already have 3 silver dollars in my tank and was wondering what kind of fish I can get. Need some help on what would be fine to keep with my silver dollars? I was really wanting a dwarf gourami or a colorful fish for my tank. Thanks!


*Awarded Answer
Posted by Kimberly G: Most any tropical fish you find at your local fish shop are going to be fine with silver dollars. Especially if you are getting fish from Petco or Petsmart because they’re tropical fish are pretty calm and nice. A dwarf gourami would be a good suite. Create a community so that all the fish can live together and thrive. Silver dollars are from the Tetra family so it might be in your good nature to get more tetras that they can get a long with. Black skirt tetras are really cool fish!

Silver dollars are not aggressive. You may see them chasing each other around sometimes but that’s just how tetras and similar species play around. They are naturally pretty timid fish and aren’t going to bully any other fish.


silver dollar fishPosted by Grant P: I’ve found silver dollars to be such a weird temperament fish.. People keep them with super huge oscar fish and they do fine.. and then they also get a long in super laid back tanks like guppy tanks.. It’s like they just adapt to whatever scenario you put them in so well. Oscars are such mean fish and 3x the the size of the dollars.. I think it’s funny. I love these fish though.

  • I have a question about silver dollars. Would prefer someone who has kept them to answer. Do spotted silver dollars and common silver dollars grow to the same size? Is there any other differences besides the spots?
  • Any of you in to blood parrot cichlids? I have had some for around 7 years and then they just started dying off. They were just fine and then all of a sudden they died. All my other fish are fine and my water is good. The tank is a very well established 125 gallon. I have 2 big canister filters and I have well water. I was just curious about these things. I know some folks have mixed opinions on these fish. Also what tank mates do keep with yours? I have silver dollars and Lear tail upside down catfish and I had a big tinfoil barb. Thanks
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  • Good morning. I am fairly new to tropical fish and I just set up a 90 gallon aquarium from a 10. I collected some local rocks (rinsed in vinegar and a couple times with water), added water and chemicals to the tank and let run for 24 hours before adding fish. We also tested the water and all was good. The first morning I found this silver dollar fish stuck between the Rock and glass. He recovered and what looked to be scraping on his side. Two days has gone by and this morning those markings are a lot more noticeable. Is this something I should be concerned with for this fish and the other fish in aquarium? Any thoughts would be appreciated.