Specs, Watts, Lumens on Finnex Planted Plus + 24/7?

Topic: What are the specs on watts per lumen on the Finnex Planted Plus + 24/7? I am wondering if I could grow some live plants with this light. What power lumen is the light? Is that the spec I should be asking for live plants.. pretty sure it is. I need some help. Thanks for your time.


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Posted by Josh H: Here is a copy and pasted version of what the specs are on the light. I’ve been growing plants with mine for a year now. I couldn’t be happier with the turnout. I highly suggest the Finnex Planted Plus + 24/7 and give it a personal 5 star review!

Length Watts 7,000K Daylight LEDS RGB Cluster LEDS
KL-20A 20 Inches 16.8 32 16
KL-24A 24 Inches 24.5 48 24
KL-30A 30 Inches 29 56 28
KL-36A 36 Inches 35.8 72 36
KL-48A 48 Inches 46.2 96 48


Posted by Ashley B: My tank is good with it. It’s been set up a little less than a month now, I just added a pressurized co2 system but most of this growth is from before that. Currently using a Finnex 24/7 LED light and mineralized topsoil capped with Eco Complete. It’s not fully stocked, but currently has two albino bristle nose plecos, two electric blue rams and three julii cories (I know I need more, that’s all the fish store had at the time).
  • Looking for a used 24″ finnex planted plus light for sale 🙂 My current led hood is has been adequate but my plants are growing at a snails pace. I have a small heater too.
  • Please help me out!!
    Finnex StingRay VS Aqueon OptiBright Plus?
    Looking for new light for low light plants. No Co2. I need to order soon, my plants aren’t doing well with the current light. I don’t know much about LEDs

Posted by Nick H: Why are my plants dying off? Kinda wilting away it looks like. This is my firstplanted tank so any advice or tips are greatly appreciated! I did have a reef tank before this but it was an expensive way to keep me busy lol so I went to a planted tank and it feels harder to keep 😂 well I feel like I might have too much light, I got a coralife with 2 t5 bulbs (both 10K if I remember right) and a finnex Ray 2 any info is greatly appreciated! I run mine on a 30 gal long with a small aquaclear filter and small fish.

  • 16gls Planted tank, no Co2 or any fancy tech, just regular water changes, a Finnex 24/7 led light (8 hours a day) and every once in a while some macronutrients. Any advice on how to make my plants grow faster without Co2
  • Not me personally, but I was researching it myself and saw a lot of rave reviews. If you have the $ (which I don’t) you can’t go wrong. I think if your trying to breed fish then maybe not the best setup… but for plants its good.
  • I also saw the vivagrow it’s like an exact clone but alot cheaper…I’m thinking about that one too!
  • I do like it a lot, with one exception. The 24hr cycle is not adjustable. Not really a big deal, but it would be nice to be able to tweak it. If you have the budget, it’s a great light, albiet a bit gimmicky with the ‘thunderstorm’ aka ‘scare the crap out of your fish’ setting.
  • Finnex Planted+ 24/7 vs. the Vivagrow light? The Finnex is the one I really want, but the price on the Vivagrow is attractive… Can anyone give me a personal comparison between the 2?
  • Looking for suggestions on plant capable LED lights that will give me moderate lighting in a 20g long. Any ideas? I’m not a fan of the Finnex24/7…already tried it. TIA. Thinking of going back to the Finnex FugerayPlanted+ that I had.

Posted by Yao K: I got kicked out of the group Fish Tank TAlk for a thread on this light! I will never forget it.. I did nothing wrong except ask for some reviews from other people. There was a huge fight and then it broke out.. I wasn’t even apart of it.

  • I’m surprised you got kicked out! Their rules are pretty laid back.
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