SunSun JUP-01 Reviews? Instructions?

Topic: I have an algae problem in my 55 gallon aquarium. I’m looking for reviews on the SunSun JUP-01 UV Sterilizer. Maybe some instructions on how to use it too? I’m super lost on this UV Sterilizer stuff.. This seems to be a pretty cheap one with good quality parts. Anyone have reviews for me?


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Posted by Jason B: I got a Sunsun jup01 and used it when I had an algae problem last year. Just fyi… UV light does not kill algae, it sterilizes the algae. That means the algae stops reproducing and dies off after 2 to 4 days. Once the algae starts to die, you will have to clean your filter more frequently because the dead algae will clog it up. Be patient and it should work. This UV sterilizer DOES WORK. It’s fairly cheap and has tons of great reviews

There are myths and there are dangerous actions for the fish. Increased filtration will have the filter “strain” the algae and also consume the nutrients otherwise available to the algae. Make sure the filter is clean and don’t over feed. Add a filter, even a sponge filter the standard size of about what you can wrap 2 hands around will do wonders. Never use chemicals to kill algae since I have heard of many horror stories. Never make drastic moves like all lights out and cover up the tank for total darkness. Take step by step measures or if all the algae is dead, your tank might choke.

The algae is natural and reflects on a natural balance in your tank where they are consuming nutrients and giving oxygen. At night, good aeration is important due to the plants (algae) breathe oxygen at night. Try curtains partially open. Try aquariums lights on less often. There is a theory that if you love your tank lights on all day, then to give it a siesta and close it for say 2 hours from noon to 2pm? The algae blooms are usually temporary and go away.

Add sponge filter(s) to suppliment your filter. Also, some ancistris can help clean up unbeaten food, algae on glass and ornaments, etc…to help break down wastes even more.

@Reply: I had lights off for 4 days and fed my fish everyother day as opposed to once a day. I have 2 bristle nose and a rubberlip pleco in there that mostly hide because my younger cichlids like to annoy the crap out of them. I did 2 50% water changes 2 days in a row with no results. I just changed the sponge in my Aquaclear filter to see if that will help.. Hoping the UV sterilizer will do something and I always avoid chemicals. I’m too paranoid to use anything other than prime and stability in my tank

@Reply: Filter media like sponges should be rinsed with tank water in a bucket. If you change a sponge, it must be very dirty and.if such would contribute to the algae problem. On the other hand, a mature filter with good bacteria on the sponges helps reduce algae.

@Reply: I have the aquaclear with biomax i tried rinsing the sponge and would ened up really dirty from the algea within 2 days so i just replaced it altogether and rinsed tge biomax in tank water during water change.


sunsun-jup01 reviewPosted by James H: Don’t use any chemicals as it make it worse!!! Cover the tank with some blanket for at least 7-9 days with all light off and don’t worry about your fish, they will be fine – don’t feed, don’t touch anything for that period! Results guaranteed!!

@Reply: There are three things that produce green water algae, thats high nutrients, high phosphates, and excess lighting. Remove all three and it will die off. You can reduce your lighting by only running 3-4 hours a day aslong as there is no natural light hitting the tank and it will starve the algae out. Then when your tank is clear only run lights no more than 8-10 hrs a day but break that up giving it 1-2 hrs of off time a couple of times in that 8-10 hrs. It will reduce the chance for algae to photosynthesis and get a strong hold on your tank again. After all algae is dead do a good cleaning of filters and gravel to remove it so it does break down and put more nutrients back in the water.

@Reply: Hi guys, I bought a canister filter from a Fishkeepers society down here in my area. I don’t know much about canisters, but I think it’s an AquaPro 2200. It only came with the filter itself and hoses.

Is anyone familiar with that filter? It looks like one of those Sunsun filter.

What do I need to connect it into my tank?
It didn’t come with a strainer or a outflow pipe so that’s what I need to get I think. But how do I connect the huge hoses to the outflow pipe (found a nice glass pipe on eBay and I’m just puzzled as to how to connect it).

@Reply: Not sure if you can tell by the pictures, but I’m not liking the flow from my new sunsun…and my water is very cloudy. Suggestions with aiming the flow? I was thinking of just taking off the spray bar, reducing the spray bar by 1 piece, or even having the spray bar on the side of the tank to spray out. Ignore my plants the Cory’s keep uprooting, and the suction cup that fell off my air line while pulling it out haha I don’t feel like getting my arm wet right now

@Reply: On my sunsun, I have spray bar pointing at slight downward angle, otherwise it splashes upwards a bit and have taken a piece out of the spray bar and the intake. What is yours doing? Hard to tell by picture.. I watched a few YouTube videos to see how some packed the filter, so I know that part is right. I have ceramic rings, poly filter, bio balls, matrix, and purigen inside.