Tank Size for Silver Dollars?

Topic: I’m buying a fish aquarium tomorrow and want to own silver dollar fish. What size tank do these fish need? I want to buy a bigger one but don’t know what size for sure. Have any of you bought aquariums online? What size for silver dollar fish?


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Posted by Jesse WThe silver dollars are schooling fish and you need to buy a school of them to be healthy. If you don’t give schooling fish a “school” to live in they will die. Silver dollar fish need 55 gallons minimum. I would advise buying a 75 gallon aquarium. It’s a great size and very generic for size and pricing. Some people may say a 55 gallon.. and that’s fine but a bigger tank will be able to hold a little more fish and look so much cooler! This is a good video to watch.

Posted by Ashley HI would have to agree with the 75 gallon. It’s the same layout as a 55 gal but a little thicker and THAT MUCH more water to work with. You need to remember that more water is better with aquariums. It makes it easier to care for the tank and the fish do better. I bought a 75 gallon tank off amazon last year and it came to my house flawless. I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a truck to haul it home. It was shipped right to my door.


Posted by Author: Ok thanks! One more question about lighting. Is there anything special about the light from aquarium specific lights, or can I grow plants and view fish under household ‘daylight’ lights just fine, if I have sufficient intensity?

@Reply: I have used daylight bulbs from home depot as well as CFLs.

@Reply: Ordinary household bulbs don’t provide the kind of full spectrum/kelvin rating plants need to photosynthesize. Plant grow lights sold for aquarium use are the most ideal however 6,500k or higher CFL bulbs work well also.

@Reply: There’s nothing special about 99% of aquarium bulbs and a household/shop bulb will grow plants just as well as an aquarium bulb. Many people use household LEDs including myself in the past. Hydroponic lighting is also far cheaper than aquarium lighting if you prefer T5 like I do. I haven’t bought an aquatic branded bulb in forever and there is no difference in terms of how well they grows my plants. Only difference is the price with aquatic branded bulbs being around 6× the price because it has a name on it.

@Reply: It’s the same reason you can buy a baby gate for $10 but if you go in the pet section the exact same gate costs $25 because it has a picture of a puppy on the box.

@Reply: Yup. There are a couple of aquarium branded bulbs that are a little different which are harder to find at a non aquatic price, but I’ve grown over 150 species of plants to their potential with the cheapest of T5 bulbs and never have I thought ‘I wish I paid 6× more for the special aquatic bulb.

@Reply: Most special aquarium lighting (like the one I have) has programming features that are based around plant cycles they all give you the ability to adjust your different spectrums and tints for different situations ( this is LED of course) different tanks need different hues to the light. My plants do crazy with a couple red leds mixed with the whites. And my corals require a blue hue to the lighting.

@Reply: LED’s are a completely different ball game to T5 and the decent ones cost a lot of money. Nice to have if you can afford it although not a necessity. Cheap LED’s usually aren’t worth the housing they’re mounted in too.