Use Flower Vase for a Small School?

Topic: I already have one Betta fish in a flower vase but I was thinking of adding another vase to my collection with guppy fish. Can guppies live inside of a vase? I want to make sure the fish has enough adequate room to move around. I need some help here. Thanks.

*Awarded Answer
Posted by Sarah L:
guppyNO, it’s not fine to keep guppies inside a flower vase. Every fish deserves more than a vase to live inside. This equation should be followed for all pet fish, 1 inch of fish equals 10 gallons of water. That means your Betta tank is too small too! No offense but you need to step up your game as far as keeping pet fish. Either buy a real fish aquarium or give up the hobby because some would even consider it animal cruelty to keep fish in that small of habitats.

Posted on Randy V:
Your going to have a lot of people bash you for this idea. You have to remember that you’re in a community completely devoted to keeping Guppy fish and we take a lot of pride and giving these fish a good community to live in. I’m sure that your new around here and probably a beginner at keeping fish but this is an absolute no-no. No fish in the aquarium hobby that can be kept in a flower vase that is what I’m going to promise you.

Posted by Yuang K:
Is this some sick practical joke that you’re actually playing on us? Because if you’re being serious I’m going to smack you and it’s not going to feel good. Of course there aren’t any fish that can fit inside of that small of a vase or an aquarium that tiny. I’ll even give you another clue and go as far as saying that the 10 gallon aquarium is still not even adequate size for a lot of us intermediate fish keepers. link here –

Posted by Keang E:
I’m not really even sure how to reply to this other than calling you an idiot but maybe I shouldn’t do that because you are a beginner. Oh wait maybe I just did say it because I typed it or however you’re going to take it I don’t mean to offend you. You have to realize that it’s like keeping a canine or a dog inside of the kennel its entire lifetime. A lot of us develop a strong heart for these fish and it almost becomes a lifestyle.

Posted by Brandi J:
I got a feeling this is going to be a pretty heavy thread for love a lot of negative stuff so maybe a moderator should take action on it. Do you know that the comments are heavily moderated but some of the stuff that has a ready been excepted is a little offensive in my opinion. I understand that this is probably from a beginner but you don’t need to call anybody an idiot for doing research further Pet. Maybe if this person uploaded a picture of them already doing this and keeping fish in a flower vase then we can call them an idiot but there simply asking a question to research it…