When Will my Female Give Birth to her Fry??

Topic: I have an established 55 gallon aquarium and just got some new guppies. I see that the female is looking bigger and is most likely pregnant with babies. I know it’s early yet but when can I expect new baby fry to be in my tank? I need to do some research and could use some advice here. What are the cycles of pregnancy for guppies? I want to keep some of them and remove them possibly. Thanks to those that help.

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Posted by Chris – Found this Answer from MyAquariumClub.com
Live bearing female fish have a gestation period of about a month and usually remain gravid so long as they are healthy. Since the guppy is still immature, she may need a couple months for her eggs to develop. Considering her probable immaturity and the relatively short gestation period of mature guppies, it may not be a good idea to confine her in a breeding trap right now.

Live bearing fish do not get pregnant in the same sense as mammals do, and there is no placental connection. Instead, fertilized eggs develop inside the female, and she drops fully functional but very small guppies. Stress such as that caused by changing aquariums or confinement in a breeding trap can result in premature delivery. In such a case, fry still have a significant portion of their yolk sac and may be unable to swim or survive.

Normal fry instinctively head to the water surface as soon as they are born. A large raft of bushy floating plants will provide them a refuge, but a 100 percent survival rate is a bit too optimistic, especially with some of the tankmates in your aquarium. If the floating plants are a fast growing species like hornwort, they will offer some fry food (microorganisms) and improved water quality.